20 Viral Marketing Goes Mobile

Viral Marketing Goes Mobile
Mobile devices,​ mobile phones and PDA’s are one of​ the​ last great frontiers of​ viral advertisement opportunities .​
However,​ we have become experts at​ filtering everything,​ our air and water,​ our e-mail and pop-ups,​ and our mobile devices as​ well .​
We are good at​ filtering.
The very idea of​ unwanted advertising streaming through our Blackberries is​ abhorrent .​
Mobile devices are the​ ultimate opt-in medium and,​ therefore,​ a​ great way for marketers to​ connect with users…if that’s what the​ users want .​
WANT is​ the​ key word here .​
How should marketers approach the​ medium?
There are three main ways to​ achieve this .​
They are:
1. Offer exclusive content .​
Anyone can offer ring tones .​
It’s the​ unique content,​ such as​ exclusive mobile images of​ new brand concepts,​ that drives interest and calls them out in​ other media like e-mail campaigns,​ newsletters,​ websites,​ etc .​
So a​ wireless campaign is​ most effective when it​ offers exclusive content for wireless devices .​
2. Make it​ useful and timely .​
Think about what would be handy and helpful to​ have on​ a​ mobile device .​
Last year,​ for example,​ Food Network enabled Sprint customers to​ download shopping lists for their Thanksgiving dinners .​
There was a​ lot of​ Sprint-envy going around among non-sprint customers .​
3. Clearly define objectives .​
Usually,​ one of​ two business objectives drives successful mobile experiences: incremental revenue of​ brand intimacy .​
On the​ intimacy factor,​ a​ text message usually takes priority over almost any other form of​ communication .​
Why? Because we haven’t yet been saturated with mobile spam,​ and this is​ what causes us to​ prioritize wireless messaging over voice.
Mobile marketing has been out there for a​ while but we marketers have new territory to​ explore .​
Video offers fantastic opportunities for engagement .​
Consumers already bypass their filters for highly useful or​ entertaining content and will do so for rich exclusive,​ compelling content .​

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