2 Step Marketing

2 Step Marketing

2 Step Marketing
Do it​ Right.
I receive postcards all the​ time .​
The other day I​ received a​ postcard trying to​ sell me a​ copy machine .​
It had tiny,​ tiny lettering slathered all over the​ front and a​ large portion of​ the​ back of​ the​ card.

It was extremely hard to​ read,​ so hard in​ fact that I​ threw it​ away .​
Several days later I​ received a​ postcard with 32 words on​ it​ telling me that I​ could get complete information on​ unrestricted long distance telephone service for 5.5 cents a​ minute with no additional monthly fee by calling the​ 800 number on​ the​ card .​
I did call .​
I​ got the​ information,​ had my questions answered and ordered my long distance service changed .​
The company who offered me the​ long distance service was using a​ time tested 2 step selling process:
Step 1. Generate a​ lead - Get me to​ call their 800 number.
Step 2. Provide the​ requested information - Provided to​ me on​ the​ phone by one of​ their sales representatives,​ who was able to​ answer my questions and make me feel confident that I​ could save quite a​ bit of​ money on​ my long distance bill and that the​ service would be as​ good or​ better .​
What's So Good About 2 Steps?
It is​ much easier to​ create interest (a lead) than it​ is​ to​ get a​ person through an​ entire buying process (a sale) .​
You aren't getting the​ prospect or​ existing customer to​ part with any money just yet.

You can use postcards to​ inexpensively promote to​ your target prospects and customers and generate leads (inquiries about your products and services) to​ then be followed up on​ and converted to​ sales .​
This 2 step process also helps you​ to​ create a​ list of​ people who were interested enough in​ what you​ offered to​ contact you​ .​
You can then recontact the​ one's who you​ didn't complete a​ sale with when they first inquired,​ preferably until they do buy from you.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to​ get the​ information you​ will need to​ recontact the​ people who responded to​ your postcard offering .​
Repetitive follow-ups with the​ people who contacted you​ will result in​ increased sales .​
Make it​ a​ company policy to​ follow up with those people who contacted you​ about your products and services .​
The Most Effective Use of​ Postcards:
The purpose of​ your postcard's message is​ to​ generate a​ sufficient level of​ interest in​ the​ mind of​ your prospect to​ get him/her to​ contact you​ to​ ask you​ about your offer .​
You are generating interest,​ not collecting their money (not yet anyway) .​
That is​ what the​ 2 step marketing process is​ about .​
Generating interested prospects and customers who contact you​ for more information .​
Your message needs 3 parts to​ be most effective:
1. A clear statement of​ the​ biggest benefit of​ your product or​ service (in the​ long distance example,​ it​ was cost savings) .​
2. A good reason for them to​ contact you​ NOW .​
3. A simple,​ easy way for them to​ respond (an 800 number for example) .​
Your message should be short and to​ the​ point .​
Short messages on​ postcards produce more leads than long ones .​
For example:
Call 800-555-1212 for Your Copy of​ Our Free Report:

What 99% of​ Business Owners Don't Know and Will Never Find Out About Using Postcards to​ Explode Their Profits
Offer ends 5-5-01 (Print a​ date 3 weeks from your mailing date to​ create some urgency)
Lots of​ people will respond to​ find out what they might not know .​
Don't forget,​ they responded,​ which is​ least some interest in​ the​ information you​ have created a​ curiosity about .​
This method works and is​ sure to​ produce a​ large number of​ inquiries if​ sent to​ your proper market .​
This 2 Step Marketing Process Works.
Use the​ tips you​ have read here to​ create your next postcard's message and see what happens .​
You will generate a​ bunch of​ leads from people who are truly interested in​ your products and services.

2 Step Marketing

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