2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic
In his classic best-seller,​ How to​ Win Friends And Influence People,​ Dale Carnegie's second chapter is​ entitled the​ Big Secret of​ Dealing With People .​
The secret is​ summed up in​ this principle: Give honest and sincere appreciation.
Carnegie said there is​ only one way to​ get anybody to​ do anything -- by making the​ person want to​ do it .​
How can you​ encourage customers to​ say good things about you​ and give you​ referrals? By giving them what they and all human beings crave: honest and sincere appreciation.
The Two Magic Words
The big secret of​ dealing with people (or customers) is​ often overlooked or​ forgotten .​
It's simply saying thank you​ consistently,​ personally and,​ above all,​ sincerely .​
These two words work marketing magic because customers want to​ feel important.
Saying thank you​ is​ an​ act of​ kindness,​ besides .​
But don't say thank you​ for the​ sake of​ flattery .​
It must be sincere .​
As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,​ you​ can never say anything but what you​ are.
Thank you​ Promotes Referrals
The uncertainty of​ referrals can be disconcerting .​
Can you​ control them? No .​
Can you​ influence them? Absolutely.
First you​ must provide a​ valuable product or​ service for customers .​
(You're already doing this,​ right?) But perhaps you​ can make an​ even bigger difference in​ their minds by your continued interest after you've delivered the​ product or​ service.
Each customer has a​ different level of​ satisfaction with your products and services .​
However,​ all customers to​ whom you​ say thank you​ are satisfied that they're important to​ you​ .​
This can determine whether you'll continue a​ relationship with them and get referrals.
Thank you​ as​ Direct Mail or​ E-mail
If you've never used direct mail and are considering it,​ start a​ thank-you correspondence program .​
If you've used direct mail or​ e-mail but haven't sent thank-you letters or​ e-mails,​ start now.
The thank-you letter or​ e-mail to​ your customers is​ targeted (you know them,​ they know you),​ personal and effective .​
It's guaranteed to​ receive a​ positive response.
Furthermore,​ it's a​ pleasant surprise if​ it's snail mail .​
They see your envelope .​
They think,​ this must be something for me to​ review,​ to​ sign,​ or​ worse a​ bill .​
Surprise! They're appreciated; they're important .​
And you're the​ one telling them so.
Write a​ thank-you letter or​ e-mail at​ every opportunity .​
But don't send one with an​ invoice or​ other correspondence .​
Always send it​ separately.
Writing the​ Thank-You Letter or​ E-mail
The thought behind a​ thank-you letter or​ e-mail may seem simple,​ but writing one can be tricky .​
Here are 9 tips for writing a​ winning thank-you letter or​ e-mail:
1 .​
Keep it​ brief. a​ half dozen lines (or fewer) are sufficient.
2 .​
Make it​ sincere. This is​ crucial .​
If you​ aren't careful,​ it​ can sound awkward,​ even when you're trying to​ be sincere.
3 .​
Start with thank you. Dear Ms .​
Johnson (or first name,​ if​ appropriate): Thank you​ for ...
4 .​
Make the​ tone warm,​ but professional. Be friendly,​ but keep it​ businesslike.
5 .​
Reinforce a​ positive. Jog their memory of​ a​ positive aspect of​ the​ relationship.
6 .​
Offer your continued support. If I​ can help,​ please call ...
7 .​
End with thank you. Thanks again for ...
8 .​
Use an​ appropriate closing. Sincerely,​ Best regards.
9 .​
No ulterior motive. Make it​ a​ pure thank you,​ otherwise sincerity is​ jeopardized.
Remember: Saying thank you​ is​ part of​ building strong customer relationships over time .​
Use these two magic words consistently and watch your repeat business and referrals grow.
(c) 2018 Neil Sagebiel

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