2 K Medical Software Releases Long Anticipated Medisoft 14


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2K Medical Software Releases Long Anticipated Medisoft 14
2K Medical Software is​ a​ well respected developer of​ end user medical software. Their innovative offerings have the​ potential to​ streamline medical office processes,​ saving time and payroll hours against other forms of​ patient information entering and other administrative tasks.
Redondo Beach,​ California,​ February 7 – Today,​ 2K Medical Software has announced the​ imminent release of​ Medisoft 14. the​ Medisoft program has been hailed as​ the​ best software for any medical office and allows the​ administration of​ all patient information,​ integration of​ existing information and more.
Medisoft version 14 will be available at​ a​ 15% discount for upgrading clients,​ allowing even more savings. New features in​ Medisoft 14 include the​ ability to​ enter new patient information 5 times faster than other methods,​ the​ ability to​ customize data entry fields on​ a​ single non-tabbed page and more. Medisoft 14 medical software also offers import/export of​ existing data,​ access to​ the​ insurance company file through the​ Power Tools setting and Global Conversion to​ aid billing services and multiple practices faster data conversions.
In addition,​ providers can access the​ patient file and transaction while entering payments and collections. the​ enhanced Dashboard offers views of​ currently logged in​ users,​ Totals for claims,​ accounts receivables,​ appointments,​ payments,​ and statements for a​ given date range,​ trending charts and graphs,​ and warnings. Medisoft 14 now supports UB-04 paper claims and 8 diagnosis codes.
Furthermore,​ Medisoft 14 is​ completely capable of​ integration and access through 2KMobile Link software,​ allowing the​ provider to​ access patient information,​ appointments,​ and scheduling in​ real time,​ while out of​ the​ office.
For additional information about Medisoft 14 or​ medical software,​ call 877-937-4406 or​ visit http://www.2kmedicalsoftware.com.
About 2K Medical Software – 2K Medical Software offers Medisoft 14 medical software that is​ ideally suited to​ enhance the​ operations of​ any medical office. in​ addition,​ the​ seamless integration with their mobile software,​ 2K Mobile Link give providers unsurpassed access to​ vital information in​ real time.

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