2 K Medical Announces Release Of PDA Medical Software For Remote


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2K Medical Announces Release of​ PDA Medical Software for Remote Information Access
2KMobile Link is​ a​ comprehensive software suite that eliminates the​ need for syncing with office computers,​ multiple PDA's and cell phones and much more. 2KMobile Link provides complete access via vital PDA medical software.
Redondo Beach,​ California (PRWEB) February 5,​ 2008 – as​ hospitals go hi-tech and demand for hi-tech medical treatment grows,​ the​ popularity of​ Medical PDA Software too has grown substantially. PDA (otherwise known as​ Personal Digital Assistance) is​ among the​ most popular digital equipment among all professionals. PDA medical software has proven to​ be exceptionally beneficial for alleviating medical emergencies. in​ emergency cases,​ doctors can be informed instantly and the​ patient can be provided proper treatment and care when they most need it. So then,​ to​ a​ large extent,​ medical PDAs and medical PDA software save lives.
PDA's have to​ sync with the​ host computer,​ compare files,​ transmit changes and delete outdated information. 2KMobile Link offers physicians and other medical personnel the​ ability to​ efficiently access patient and practice information without the​ need for syncing through medical PDA software.
The advent of​ multipurpose devices combining the​ functionality of​ PDA's with the​ necessity of​ cell phones has culminated with the​ release of​ 2KMobile Link software. This PDA medical software is​ designed to​ seamlessly work with a​ variety of​ devices such as​ the​ Palm Treo,​ Blackberry devices,​ Apple iPhone,​ and mobile devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher. 2KMobile Link will flawlessly access patient information,​ schedule appointments,​ and create superbills,​ offering real-time remote access to​ a​ provider's practice management system database. Physicians can even create,​ view and edit patient diagnosis and CPT codes. Access is​ granted through practice management software such as​ Lytec and Medisoft software running on​ the​ host computer. in​ addition,​ 2KMobile Link gives the​ ability to​ edit,​ modify or​ create new input,​ directly from the​ mobile device.
Additionally,​ 2KMobile Link also supports any laptop or​ desktop computer with Internet Explorer,​ Apple Safari or​ Netscape. With this single application,​ providers are assured of​ complete VeriSign security through complete encryption methods and complete access to​ all office information whether the​ physician is​ at​ lunch or​ out on​ an​ emergency call.
For additional information about 2KMobile Link,​ visit http://www.2kmobilelink.com or​ call 866-500-4406.
About 2K Medical – This provider of​ comprehensive medical billing software is​ dedicated to​ supplying medical offices and health care providers with the​ single best solutions for their billing and informational needs.

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