1stepsystem A One Step Internet Marketing Revolution

1stepsystem A One Step Internet Marketing Revolution

1StepSystem is​ basically a​ Complete Automated Home Business,​ and is​ promoted as​ “Hands Free Income”. Co-Founders Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl are known for being tops at​ what they do,​ with incredible track records. Rod was rated as​ “One of​ the​ Top 20 Network Marketers in​ the​ World”,​ and is​ a​ top producer in​ several MLM companies,​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ people in​ his downlines. Chris is​ an​ expert internet marketer and had created the​ online marketing system for many companies. Amongst them are Xango,​ Oasis Wellness Network,​ Pro-Step,​ SeaSilver,​ LifeForce International,​ Mannatech,​ My Golden Leads.com,​ Best Leads.com,​ Precision MLM.com and Credit Secrets. Both Rod and Chris wanted to​ build an​ organization where people who have ventured into network marketing unsuccessfully over the​ years could finally have the​ chance to​ become successful.

As contrast to​ traditional concepts of​ Direct Marketing ,​ there were many difficulties in​ introducing the​ system to​ anyone and more specifically if​ we ask our freinds and relatives to​ understand the​ system.Being on​ the​ inside track developing online systems,​ Chris knows the​ downsides of​ MLMs,​ and why people failed. He quoted in​ his biography,​ “Sometimes the​ problem was the​ product being marketed,​ sometimes it​ was the​ pay plan,​ sometimes it​ was the​ owner or​ administrators of​ my system,​ and sometimes it​ was all three. Needless to​ say it​ was frustrating. I spent years perfecting my online system but could never find the​ right business model to​ plug it​ into then…Rod Called. you​ know,​ sometimes you​ know,​ when you​ know…5 minutes into our conversation I began to​ get goose bumps,​ the​ idea Rod had was exactly what my system needed to​ be married to​ – and by doing so,​ all the​ previous challenges would be eliminated.”

The idea Rod and Chris had with the​ 1StepSystem was to​ build a​ company where those that had been unsuccessful with network marketing in​ the​ past,​ could finally be given a​ way to​ become extremely successful. the​ ‘system’ has been very good to​ them and they wanted to​ find a​ way to​ give a​ little ‘pay-back’. you​ know what? That’s exactly what they’re doing. Chris and Rod are offering an​ unheard of​ 83.7% payout,​ that’s next to​ impossible to​ beat. as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ I’m told,​ that it’s the​ highest percentage ever offered in​ the​ history of​ the​ network marketing industry. Now get this,​ there’s no selling involved at​ all and the​ price is​ affordable and not even close to​ what most of​ those companies are charging out there. the​ prospective customer starts by being directed to​ a​ website,​ once there he signs up for a​ FREE 37 Minute Tele-seminar.

The product “Ultimate Marketers Tool Box” is​ like a​ personal digital library of​ the​ most effective marketing strategies known to​ man. It’s the​ digital product in​ the​ virtual back office of​ 1StepSystem. the​ marketing strategies and tools provided along with proprietary marketing software in​ the​ box are responsible for hundreds of​ millions of​ dollars worth of​ sales in​ any business,​ online or​ off.

"I don't even need to​ communicate with my prospects,​ and they send me $500 directly into my account,​" says Dawn Henderson. "On my first sale,​ I practically made back all the​ money I initially laid out,​ and I did that in​ less than an​ hour after I joined." Laura Goodman said,​ "I have tried so many other MLM & Network Marketing opportunities and had always failed. This is​ the​ first time I have ever had success at​ it,​ and it's the​ least I've ever had to​ work." According to​ David Track,​ Leading QA for the​ 1StepSystem,​ "I would easily pay $500 for the​ "ultimate marketer tool box" which consists of​ proprietary software and other marketing tools designed to​ help increase sales in​ any business,​ whether online or​ off. Being the​ owner of​ an​ invention marketing company,​ it​ has already helped us immensely in​ our marketing efforts,​ and has also assisted me in​ rapidly growing the​ 1StepSystem business. in​ fact,​ I am already earning more with the​ 1StepSystem then I do at​ my own company,​ and I started 1/28/06!"

When I looked into the​ 1StepSystem for the​ first time it​ was back on​ February 8th. I did a​ Google search after receiving an​ email from a​ fellow marketer. When I did the​ Google search it,​ if​ you​ can believe this,​ only brought back (1) link! That’s right (1) link that happen to​ be to​ a​ thread in​ a​ pretty well know Forum. it​ was the​ standard beginning thread,​ “Does anyone out there know anything about the​ 1StepSystem”? to​ which there were about 4 responses and 2 more questions. the​ responses seemed favorable and one of​ them even included a​ phone number so I gave the​ fella a​ call. He fed me with a​ head full of​ knowledge about the​ program and I really considered joining – but it​ was a​ little more investment than I could make without the​ approval of​ the​ banker (my wife) so I had to​ wait. While waiting I talked myself out of​ doing it​ – figures huh. Well I went back to​ the​ Net a​ week or​ so later and Googled the​ 1StepSystem again and you​ know what,​ I came back with 400+ links!! I started checking them out and you​ wouldn’t believe the​ forum entries now,​ this guy made $4350 in​ 5 days,​ this other lady made $3,​000 in​ her first 24hrs and this fella over here’s made over $11,​000 in​ the​ last 2 weeks. Well,​ that put me over and now I’ve invested in​ the​ 1StepSystem too,​ and now I’m building up one of​ those “I made $XX,​XXX in​ this many days” stories myself!

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