18 Using Forums In Viral Marketing

Using Forums in​ Viral Marketing
Recently,​ forum marketing has been touted as​ a​ kind of​ free,​ organic,​ viral marketing .​
But because so many marketers go into forums purely with the​ intention of​ marketing products or​ services,​ their actions and attitude unwittingly causes the​ exact opposite of​ the​ desired effect.
Forums aren’t marketplaces but when used as​ such,​ the​ marketers’ actions become offensive and will only inspire the​ wrath of​ fellow members and marketers,​ not to​ mention moderators who can ban them from the​ site with the​ click of​ their mouse.
In order to​ be effective,​ this kind of​ marketing carries a​ certain degree of​ commitment,​ responsibility and respect .​
The first requirement is​ to​ take a​ personal interest in​ the​ main topic of​ the​ forum .​
Not only does that mean visiting it​ regularly,​ but it​ also means developing a​ good relationship with both other members and the​ moderators,​ as​ well as​ taking an​ active interest in​ helping others .​
Of course,​ it​ also means abiding by and all rules that exist .​
By doing this,​ one can develop a​ reputation and,​ since it​ is​ human nature to​ work with a​ trusted colleague,​ business will naturally develop from this.
This type of​ marketing has already suffered some abuse and because of​ this,​ many forums have recently developed stringent rules designed to​ protect their members from abusive or​ overly-aggressive marketing tactics .​
One forum grants .sig files only after a​ member has created one hundred valid posts and another has disallowed ads in​ sig files altogether .​
Marketers must respect that the​ purpose of​ a​ forum is​ to​ be a​ platform to​ exchange ideas on​ a​ given topic .​
It is​ not there to​ advertise products and services .​
By focusing on​ the​ topic and posting questions and answers,​ a​ marketer’s reputation will grow and this creates the​ potential for sales naturally .​

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