17 Using File Sharing In Viral Marketing

Using File Sharing in​ Viral Marketing
There are probably ten million people online,​ looking for downloads at​ any given time .​
Of course,​ a​ lot of​ them could be looking for pоrnography or​ free software but still,​ reaching a​ minimum on​ a​ million people on​ any given day does offer some rather intriguing possibilities .​
People like using file services to​ download music for two simple reasons,​ they’re free,​ and there is​ an​ incredible selection .​
The fact is​ Pandora’s Box has been opened .​
In Napster’s wake,​ other quasi-legal services quickly emerged… a​ lot of​ them .​
Even if​ they are closed,​ others will succeed them .​
Major record companies would like to​ thing otherwise but they are never going to​ stop file sharing .​
Net users are file sharers…plain and simple .​
Long before the​ Internet came into being,​ people made cassette tapes of​ their favorite music for their friends…cd burners are so much easier and faster .​
So how can you​ use this to​ help your viral marketing campaign along? Think about this .​
Once someone downloads your MP3 files and those files are available on​ that listener’s hard drive,​ viral marketing begins .​
After two users start sharing your files,​ suddenly,​ your music is​ on​ the​ hard drive of​ a​ second computer…then a​ third… and on​ and on​ .​
When users are searching and they find your music on​ a​ lot of​ different computers,​ they are more likely to​ download the​ files .​
It’s just a​ matter of​ time before you’ll find your files showing up in​ more and more places.
No matter what genre music you​ play…Rock and Roll,​ Country,​ Tejano,​ Mozart sonatas,​ Heavy Metal,​ of​ Brazilian Jazz,​ there is​ an​ audience for it​ somewhere.
In this new paradigm,​ you​ aren’t hawking a​ product,​ you​ are offering free music via a​ medium that lets you​ be directly connected with your audience .​

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