15 Using Chat Rooms In Viral Marketing

15 Using Chat Rooms In Viral Marketing

Using Chat Rooms in​ Viral Marketing
Spamming chat rooms or​ instant messaging systems with undifferentiated marketing messages is​ certainly not a​ very good idea .​
But if​ they are used the​ right way,​ these channels can be great to​ communicate with the​ market - especially to​ establish a​ dialogue with customers .​
Have you​ ever been to​ a​ chat room and posted a​ message .​
If you​ have then you​ may learn some free web-advertising secrets on​ how to​ market your products and service in​ chat rooms .​
Chat rooms are usually broken into categories .​
You will need to​ find the​ right chat room where your targeted audience would gather .​
If there isn’t one,​ them you​ may need to​ create one.
It will be of​ no use to​ create one that is​ obviously for the​ sole purpose of​ selling your product or​ service .​
Rather,​ it​ needs to​ attract people who would be interested in​ your product or​ service .​
For example: If you​ sell garden products,​ your chat room should be on​ the​ subject of​ gardening and not the​ brand name of​ the​ products you​ sell .​

Another way to​ use a​ chat room to​ promote your business is​ to​ include a​ chat room on​ your web site .​
Host a​ free online seminar in​ your own chat room about a​ subject of​ your expertise .​
Use your chat room to​ meet with your current customers and answer any questions or​ address and problems they may have .​
Regularly schedule free events in​ your chat room and be certain that your customers are made aware of​ when they will occur.
For example,​ you​ might have an​ expert in​ the​ field available to​ answer questions on​ a​ certain day and between certain hours .​
You might,​ also,​ host other people’s chat rooms as​ an​ expert yourself .​
You,​ of​ course,​ could charge for this but it​ might be wise to​ do it​ free to​ gain publicity.

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