12 Successful Forum Viral Marketing

Successful Forum Viral Marketing
In order to​ be successful using forums to​ do viral marketing there are some things that are required .​

Do Your Homework: Prior to​ joining any forum,​ you​ must do some research.
1. Join relevant forums that are in​ some way related to​ the​ promotion’s primary sales market .​
For example,​ someone involved with a​ health related product,​ many types of​ forums could apply….everything from holistic medicine to​ stay-at-home moms .​
2. Choose popular forums .​
There is​ no point in​ wasting your time and energy on​ forums that few members and few posts .​
Page raking and the​ amount of​ active members are two good ways to​ check for this.
3. Choose forums that allow sig tags .​
If it’s possible read the​ rules before joining and pay attention to​ them .​
Your time is​ important,​ too .​
It is​ better to​ find out that a​ forum doesn’t allow posts with sig tags before you​ go to​ the​ time and trouble of​ joining.
After you​ Have Joined: OK…you have chosen two or​ three forums that meet your requirements…now what?
1. Keep your sig tag short and update it​ regularly .​
the​ ideal thing is​ to​ limit yourself to​ one link,​ preferably to​ your main website.
2. Never create posts that are nothing more than an​ advertisement .​
This all but a​ universal rule and only displays the​ marketers lack of​ experience if​ he does so .​
At best this kind of​ post will be deleted by the​ monitors….at worst,​ it​ is​ grounds for being banned.
3. Work the​ room .​
Be an​ active member on​ the​ forum .​
Plan to​ spend at​ least an​ hour each day there and take the​ time to​ get to​ know the​ users .​
Take the​ time to​ introduce yourself with intelligent questions depending upon the​ forum’s topic .​

As a​ marketer becomes a​ regular member,​ they will hopefully develop a​ good reputation and without saying a​ word about their promotion,​ those who are interested in​ their product will approach them.

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