10 Weight Loss Tips

10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Burn more calories than you consume. if​ this makes you go: "D-uuuh!!",​ snap out of​ it​ and consider that this elementary aspect of​ dieting excapes countless clueless -- and doomed -- dieters. Tabloids may claim to​ have the​ "miracle foods" that'll allow you to​ eat like a​ pig and have the​ pounds melt off,​ but it's a​ load.

2. Establish your base metabolism,​ and set a​ target calorie goal approx. 500 calories below it. I wrote an​ article dedicated to​ establishing your metabolism earlier,​ so look it​ up in​ the​ article archive if​ you need a​ refresher.

3. Keep an​ honest log. Make estimates of​ how many calories you stuff yourself with every meal and tally up the​ total to​ make sure you stay within your target calorie goal. Convenient "mistakes,​" under-estimates and forgetfulness allows you to​ eat more now,​ but you're defeating the​ whole point of​ dieting.

4. Actively choose good sources of​ fat. This may sound like stupid advice -- shouldn't you AVOID fat when dieting? Well,​ yes and no. You have to​ keep consuming some fat,​ just not going overboard. Avoid butter,​ bacon,​ whole milk,​ coconuts and such like the​ plague. Instead,​ make use of​ olive oil (virgin) and fatty fish. Peanut butter is​ an​ interesting topic. I used to​ put it​ in​ the​ same category as​ the​ "bad" fats. it​ belongs there,​ packing saturated fat as​ well as​ artery-clogging trans fatty acids. However,​ based on​ highly unscientific testimonies by others as​ well as​ personal experience,​ it​ seems like a​ handful of​ peanuts once in​ a​ while when dieting can do wonders in​ keeping energy levels up while not wreaking havoc with your overall diet. Strange and illogical? You betcha. But it​ just so happens to​ work anyway,​ kind of​ like bumblebees flying though they technically shouldn't be able to.

5. Eat small but frequent meals throughout the​ day. You've heard it​ a​ million times,​ I'm sure,​ but facts remain: in​ order to​ keep an​ even level of​ blood sugar,​ you have to​ eat small,​ balanced meals.

6. Don't go wimpy on​ the​ weight training. When you diet,​ you're in​ the​ danger zone for losing muscle mass most of​ the​ time. to​ avoid this,​ keeping pumping iron,​ and be diligent about it!

7. Avoid alcohol. Given that barbeque-season is​ upon us,​ this can be tough when your friends bring out the​ ice-cold brewskis. the​ solution is​ simple: Only associate with other bodybuilders,​ so you at​ least won't be the​ lone dweeb sipping a​ diet soda! For those of​ you who have the​ ridiculous idea that your life should not revolve around bodybuilding: Snap out of​ it.

8. Do cardio in​ moderation. Doing 45 mins on​ the​ stairmaster every day is​ a​ great way to​ get the​ pounds off quicker. 2 hours is​ not so great,​ since you're bound to​ start losing muscle mass. When and how much is​ individual (and depending on​ what you've had to​ eat earlier in​ the​ day) but avoid cardio sessions in​ excess of​ 1 hour. if​ you need the​ punishment do one session in​ the​ morning and one in​ the​ evening. Also remember to​ stay in​ the​ 65%-70% heart rate zone for optimal fat burn.

9. Schedule "cheating" days to​ stay sane. Dieting is​ no fun. No matter how gung-ho and motivated you are when you start out,​ you'll have days when everything is​ darkness and the​ world is​ out to​ get you. Make sure to​ get a​ treat once a​ week on​ a​ set day (Saturday is​ good) as​ it​ gives you something to​ look forward to. a​ juicy burger is​ fatty and calorie-dense,​ but if​ you prepare by doing extra cardio for three days in​ advance you'll come in​ right on​ target for the​ week.

10. Don't be afraid of​ soy. I used to​ avoid fake-meat products,​ but having been married to​ a​ vegetarian for 3+ years I've tried soy hot dogs,​ burgers,​ chicken patties,​ even riblets that taste just like the​ real thing. And here's the​ kicker: Soy products is​ mostly protein! Granted,​ soy protein is​ not the​ highest quality out there,​ but if​ you drink a​ glass of​ milk or​ have some other high-quality protein source with it​ you can bump up the​ overall quality in​ a​ hurry. Besides,​ soy has a​ number of​ great health benefits when eaten in​ moderation and contains very little fat.

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