Zenith Projection Tv Hdtv

Zenith Projection HDTV
High Definition TV or​ HDTV is​ a​ new type of​ television that offers far better resolution that older televisions based on the​ NTSC format .​
HDTV, a​ type of​ Digital Television (DTV) broadcast, transmits 16x9 widescreen format inastonishing detail and​ is​ considered the​ best type of​ DTV in​ the​ market today .​
The types of​ HDTV displays are the​ following: direct-view, plasma, rear screen and​ front screen projection .​
Usually, an​ HDTV tuner must be connected to​ these monitors to​ be able to​ view the​ most detailed HDTV videos .​
Zenith electronics corporation, a​ pioneer in​ electronics technology which has invented countless industry-leading developments like the​ first wireless TV remote controls, the​ first portable and​ push-button radios and​ the​ first HDTV system using digital technology, now offers excellent projection HDTV units for​ home, business or​ office use .​
There are four basic types of​ Zenith projection HDTVs: Zenith Rear Projection HDTV, Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTV, Zenith LCD Projection HDTV and​ Inegrated HDTV .​
HDTV Monitor Rear Projection
Zenith monitor rear projection HDTV usually comes in​ 57 display with 16x19 widescreen format .​
HD Grade Optics for​ this improves brightness and​ focus and​ reduces overall cabinet depth .​
With an​ automatic system, HD Focus, you do not need to​ manually adjust the​ picture .​
Just press HD
Focus from the​ set-up menu on the​ screen, and​ in​ 10 seconds, 16 sensors will automatically adjust the​ picture from center to​ edge .​
With this Zenith projection HDTV, advanced digital display is​ used to​ eliminate most artifacts that usually appear as​ pixilated scenes onscreen because of​ the​ upconversion of​ analog signals to​ simulate an​ HD picture .​
A very fine 0.52mm dot screen pitch also improves picture detail .​
CRTs boosts brightness and​ picture detail .​
There is​ also a​ built-in High Contrast Protective Shield.
Most movies are made using film .​
Film functions at​ 24fps (frames per second) while video operates at​ 30fps .​
3:2 Pulldown Cinema Correction, a​ feature of​ Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTV syncs films to​ video for​ clear theater-like videos at​ home.
The 2-Tuner Picture-in-Picture, Picture-Outside-Picture and​ Split window functions of​ the​ Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTVs also allows the​ viewer to​ watch two shows simultaneously.
Built-in rear carrying handles makes it​ easy to​ lug from room to​ room .​
HDTV Rear Projection
This has the​ same specifications with the​ HDTV monitor projection .​
One feature is​ added: Zenith Rear Projection HDTV comes with a​ fully integrated ATSC tuner which has the​ ability to​ receive off-air HD broadcasts without the​ need for​ an​ external set-top box .​
a​ digital cable tuner receives unscrambled digital cable signals.
LCD Projection TV - PC and​ HDTV Monitor
Made usually as​ 44 screens, this Zenith Liquid Crystal Display Rear Projection HDTV boasts of​ an​ incredibly efficient technology .​
Due to​ replaceable light sources, it​ is​ both lightweight and​ crystal clear .​
This unit allows for​ inputs for​ advanced components .​
This means that simultaneous PC interactivity is​ possible while watching your favorite TV shows .​
Zenith LCD Projection HDTV have 1280 x 720p resolution .​
It also has the​ 2-Tuner PIP/POP/Split Screen and​ 3:2 Pull Down functions .​
It permits DVI with HDCP Input and​ PC Input.
DLP™ Integrated HDTV
DLP™ Integrated HDTV comes in​ 52 widescreen monitors .​
DLP™ HDTV’s deliver brilliant picture and​ razor sharp images .​
The 1500:1 High Contrast Ratio and​ 1280 x 720 resolution can bring out subtle differences in​ color and​ it​ can provide rich detail imagery .​
It gives our amazingly bright pictures even in​ strongly illumined places .​
This Zenith DLP Integrated Projection HDTV has Hi-Res Component, S-Video, A/V and​ HDMI inputs which make way for​ DVD players, VCRs, computers and​ video game systems to​ be connected to​ the​ HDTV monitor.

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