Youth Sports Fundraising

Youth Sports Fundraising
Looking for​ some tips on improving your youth sports fundraising? Every youth sports league must fundraise to​ cover expenses and​ keep fees low .​
So, how do you raise more funds? Focus on these seven factors and​ you can easily double your results.
#1 - Product Selection
In youth sports fundraising, it's so important to​ select the​ right products to​ sell .​
The right selection is​ one that has mass appeal, an​ above average price point, and​ good profit margins.
Don't sell what's always been sold every year .​
Consider choosing items that meet the​ criteria below.
#2 - Product Price Point
Your product offering should be at​ an​ attractive price point .​
This means it​ should be neither high nor low, but rather right in​ the​ comfort zone that encourages people to​ open their wallets.
If you're selling a​ low-priced product, you are at​ a​ disadvantage because you aren't maximizing your revenue from each prospect .​
In this situation, try bundling a​ small quantity together and​ ask for​ more dollars .​
For example, if​ candy bars are being sold for​ $1 each, put together variety three-packs or​ a​ family ten-pack .​
Get your prospect thinking bigger numbers .​
Many of​ them will step up to​ the​ bundle.
#3 - Product Profitability
It's important that your fundraising product has a​ high profit margin .​
Ideally, you'd like to​ make 80% or​ more if​ you can .​
This would be products like discount cards for​ two-for-one deals at​ fast food places.
Many standard items have a​ profit margin of​ 50% and​ that's OK .​
It just means that you'll have to​ pump up the​ volume to​ make the​ same net that you would with higher profit items.
If the​ product chosen is​ one with a​ lower profit range of​ say 40%, then it​ needs to​ either be a​ higher-priced item or​ it​ needs to​ be likely to​ inspire quantity orders from each prospect .​
For example, cookie dough is​ often in​ this range, but price points are $10 & up .​
Many families will buy two or​ three units.
#4 - Sales Script
Don't send your sellers out unprepared .​
Part of​ youth sports is​ teaching and​ helping kids with their sales skills goes a​ long way toward building self confidence.
Here's what to​ tell them:
1 - Make eye contact, smile and​ introduce yourself.
2 - Say one sentence about why you are raising funds.
3 - Say second sentence that asks for​ their help.
4 - Make sure that sentence includes the​ word because.
5 - Extend sample item, catalog, or​ order sheet.
6 - Suggest a​ personal favorite item or​ bundle.
7 - Always ask for​ the​ order.
#5 - Prospect, Prospect, Prospect
Now that your kids know what to​ say, they have to​ have prospects for​ their sales pitch .​
You can't set sales records without having a​ large supply of​ prospective customers.
Have everyone make a​ list of​ their potential customers .​
Have them do it​ as​ a​ team exercise and​ make sure they write them down .​
It's very important to​ do this and​ to​ have each seller commit publicly to​ doing their part.
Have each seller stand up in​ front of​ their teammates and​ state how many prospects they have .​
Then have them make a​ commitment to​ raising a​ certain financial amount .​
Set minimum amounts and​ encourage competition by offering prizes for​ various achievement levels.
#6 - Location, Location, Location
Another way to​ boost your youth sports fundraising is​ by going where the​ prospects are .​
Your group can reach incredible numbers of​ people just by setting up fundraiser sales tables at​ entrances to​ high-traffic retail locations.
Grocery stores, home improvement stores, and​ mass merchandisers are all places where hundreds of​ prospects are available .​
Get permission well in​ advance from the​ store manager.
Set up a​ small table to​ display your fundraising product items .​
Staff your spot with two adults and​ two kids for​ each 90-minute shift.
Decorate the​ area with league banners and​ large-lettered signs explaining your offer .​
Your signs must inform them well in​ advance of​ reaching your display and​ sales table .​
That way, those interested in​ helping your sports team will be primed to​ stop and​ will be more receptive to​ hearing each youth's sales pitch.
New Uniform Fundraiser
Tasty 3 lb .​
Cookie Dough - $10
Imagine how many potential prospects there are at​ those locations who are completely outside your normal range of​ contacts .​
Now, go out there and​ sell them something!
#7 - Have Fun
Always make raising funds fun for​ the​ kids .​
Their emotions are subconsciously communicated to​ each potential prospect .​
If they are smiling while cheerfully communicating your team's need and​ asking for​ help, then chances are good they'll get a​ favorable response.
If they're looking down and​ mumbling some garbled sales spiel, then chances are more people will pass on the​ offer .​
The way to​ get them involved is​ to​ have some competition going, have some fun activities built around the​ process, and​ have some rewards waiting for​ success.
For example, post a​ list at​ each team practice of​ the​ top sellers .​
Everybody loves to​ be recognized!
Do a​ fun activity just for​ those who help out by working the​ retail location sales table .​
Take the​ participants bowling or​ to​ a​ batting cage or​ a​ golf driving range .​
It'll bond fathers and​ sons and​ encourage increased participation.
Have a​ rewards party after the​ fundraiser wraps up .​
a​ simple pizza party or​ group picnic is​ sufficient .​
Just make sure that everyone gets recognized for​ pitching in .​
Allow the​ kids time to​ run around and​ enjoy themselves .​
After all, isn't youth sports all about having fun?
Follow these seven tips and​ your youth sports fundraising effort will be a​ big success.

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