Your Total Guide To Cluster Headache

Your Total Guide To Cluster Headache

Two heads are better than one! a​ cluster of​ heads is​ still better! But this cluster headache is​ definitely not desirable! One should not suffer from this chasing disease.

It is​ chasing because once this headache starts, it​ occurs daily over a​ period of​ weeks extending up to​ several months! Then it​ may suddenly disappear and dramatically reappear during the same season in​ the ensuing year. Its timing is​ marked and it​ is​ perfect!

Who or​ what is​ responsible for this cluster headache? Nothing is​ known for certain. But it​ is​ reasonably proven that changes in​ the walls of​ blood vessels in​ the head have a​ role to​ play in​ the advancement of​ the cluster headache!

The brain by itself is​ a​ non-committal entity. it​ feels no pain. The pain of​ headache comes from the tissues surrounding the brain, the attaching structure at​ the base of​ the brain. The muscles, the scalp vessels, the vessel of​ the face and neck, may cause cluster headache. or​ it​ may be specifically to​ blood vessels dilation or​ to​ inflammation of​ nerves behind the eyes.

The pattern of​ cluster headaches is​ very interesting. There are active periods and passive periods. Headache occurs in​ clusters. it​ may be days, weeks or​ even months, during which headache bothers you in​ clusters, every other day or​ ten times during a​ particular day. Head-ache free intermission may last for several months and years.

During the active period, you have to​ be careful about your lifestyles and discipline. Attacks may be triggered and intense suffering may bother you. The reasons may include: intake of​ alcohol, going to​ a​ place of​ high altitude, air travel, intense heat due to​ sunlight or​ due to​ any other reasons like taking of​ those items of​ food which are high in​ nitrates and many more.

Since cluster headaches are a​ serious type of​ headache, you have to​ budget your day, in​ all its aspects according to​ a​ strict schedule that is​ suitable to​ you. You can only know what is​ suitable for you by past experience!

Your Total Guide To Cluster Headache

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