Your Opportunities For Car Donation In Portland

If you are a​ Portland area resident who is​ facing the decision of​ what to​ do with an​ old, but still functioning automobile, you may be able to​ turn it​ into a​ tax benefit by making a​ car donation in​ Portland. as​ long as​ you donate it​ to​ an​ Internal Revenue Service recognized charity, you will be guaranteed a​ minimum write-off of​ $500.00m and it​ could be significantly higher if​ the charity sells it​ for more. The best part is​ that Portland is​ home to​ many charities which will accept donated cars, and even pick them up.

Portland Charities

If you’d like an​ idea of​ what the charities to​ which you can make a​ car donation in​ Portland are, there are a​ few which stand out. The Oregon Food Bank is​ responsible for supplying food to​ over eight hundred food assistance programs throughout Oregon. Your car donation in​ Portland to​ the Oregon Food bank will assist needy families not only n the Portland area all over the state.

Portland Impact will happily take your car donation in​ Portland and use the proceeds from its sale to​ provide financial assistance to​ those dealing with homelessness and job loss, or​ to​ supply senior citizens and disabled adults with various services. They will accept any car donation in​ Portland as​ long as​ the vehicle has no major damage and does not require significant mechanical work. in​ addition, the car’s book value must be at​ least $70 to​ cover the cost of​ processing it. They will pay for towing your car.

If you’re a​ Portland resident, making a​ car donation in​ Portland to​ Portland Impact is​ one way of​ assuring that the benefits of​ your generosity will help your neighbors.

Let's take a​ look at​ these foundations in​ Portland that are indeed recognized by the IRS and which will entitle you to​ tax deductions whenever you will decide to​ assign to​ them your used vehicles.

If you make your car donation in​ Portland to​ the United Way of​ Mid Willamette Valley, you’ll be helping a​ broad-based charitable effort which offers assistance to​ the homeless, those seeking employment, or​ in​ need of​ food, the very young and the elderly.

How Your Car Donation in​ Portland Will Be Used

Some of​ the charities which will accept your car donation in​ Portland may opt to​ keep it​ and use it​ in​ performing their work; others may choose to​ auction it​ off and use the proceeds to​ fund their work. in​ either case, you’ll receive a​ tax deduction either for the vehicles book value or​ its sales price, and you’ll have the joy of​ knowing, whenever you hear of​ the good work being done by your charity, that your car donation in​ Portland helped it​ happen!

Giving to​ charity is​ a​ good way to​ help in​ the community. in​ Portland, there are many people who need assistance. Giving a​ car donation in​ Portland will make a​ considerable impact. This will help get people where they need to​ go and will help charities organize events they can get to​ without having to​ rent a​ car or​ buy one themselves.

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