Your Mental Energy Sphere Review

Your Mental Energy Sphere Review

Author Shyam Mehta is​ far from new to​ the world of​ writing, as​ this is​ his 16th publication. The main focus of​ all of​ Shyam’s work is​ helping others to​ find happiness in​ their lives and within themselves. Dedicating his life to​ what he believes in, Shyam is​ currently the founder and operator of​ the Loving Heart Center and an​ informative website ( where Bhaki Yoga or​ Karma Yoga is​ taught.

Your Mental Energy Sphere is​ his latest work, and could qualify as​ a​ novelette - in​ that it​ is​ less than 20,000 words. Yet, to​ fully make use of​ this self-help guide, readers must allow space and time to​ contemplate what he is​ saying. Readers will benefit by reading this book slowly, at​ times when there are no distractions. Each sentence is​ valuable – no word is​ wasted, here. Using realistic tools such as​ deep introspection, evaluation and deduction, Shyam coaxes individuals to​ find their true happiness. Though Shyam provides the tools, he makes it​ clear that readers will have to​ take the steps that will ensure their own satisfaction in​ life.

Your Mental Energy Sphere is​ certainly an​ upbeat and educational publication. I recommend it​ to​ anyone looking for something that they just can’t quite reach. For any seeker of​ understanding, any person that is​ reaching for contentment in​ life – this book may bring the inspiration they need.

ISBN#: 1-4121-5165-1
Author: Shyam Mehta
Publisher: eBooksLib

Your Mental Energy Sphere Review

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