Your Guide To Safe Surfing At Traffic Exchanges

Everyday we are hearing more and more about identity theft, fraud and vandal hackers. Websites that have malicious scripts in​ them can install viruses, spyware, and adware on your computer without you even knowing it. You never really know who or​ what is​ actually behind any particular website that you are viewing and we recommend taking a​ few easy steps to​ make your surfing experiences smoother and more secure.

Virus Protection

This is, without a​ doubt, the most important kind of​ software you should install. Make sure you keep your virus definitions updated at​ all times. The key word here is​ UPDATED! Outdated virus definitions do little good at​ all. Some viruses actually do more damage if​ you are infected first and then try to​ install an​ anti-virus program. They explode like a​ bomb and start eating your vital memory resources and can lead to​ data loss. The point is, be proactive, not reactive when it​ comes to​ virus protection.

You can download the free anti-virus program, Grisoft

Grisoft is​ actually a​ very nice program, and does provide partial protection, but your virus protection software is​ not a​ good place to​ cut corners, so I recommend something more powerful.

Of course the leaders by far in​ terms of​ name recognition are:

Symantec -
McAfee -

...and they definitely charge accordingly for their software.

Two less expensive alternatives that are nearly as​ good and will keep you well protected against harmful viruses are:

Anti Virus Protector -
Micro Anti Virus -


There isn't 'one' software program that can provide you with 100%
protection, so a​ 'layered' approach is​ the best strategy.

To create layered virus protection, you should be running a​ stand alone anti-spyware program on your computer. You can find out about free anti-spyware programs at:

In my opinion, Perhaps the best anti-spyware software ever developed is​ XoftSpySE. You can download a​ copy and get a​ free scan of​ your computer here:
XoftSpySE -

Password Managers

It is​ a​ very good idea to​ use a​ password manager so that you are not using your keyboard to​ type your passwords in​ when you login to​ your programs and payment processor accounts. Hackers have developed programs they maliciously place on your computer without your knowledge that can track your keystrokes. This is​ a​ real threat.

That's why it's important to​ use a​ password manager that automatically enters your ID and password information as​ soon as​ the respective login page appears. Your have essentially three choices; (1) keep a​ copy of​ all your secure info on a​ text document and use the copy and paste feature to​ login; (2) use the password management feature of​ your internet browser; or​ (3) purchase a​ 3rd party password management program.

The best strategy is​ #3. Using a​ 3rd party password manager for all of​ your important information should stop hackers dead in​ their tracks.

The best password manager on the market is, without a​ doubt:
RoboForm -

NEVER use your email or​ payment processor passwords for other things.
ALWAYS make your email and payment processor passwords difficult.

Web Browser

In my judgment, due to​ chronic security issues, Internet Explorer has proven not to​ be the best choice for surfing in​ general and surfing traffic exchanges in​ particular.

Mozilla FireFox with the NoScript extension installed is​ a​ much sharper sword when it​ comes to​ keeping your data safe.

NoScript will not allow any scripts to​ run on your browser unless you specifically give permission. Only allow scripts to​ run from websites and programs that you trust.

FireFox -
Firefox NoScript -

If your budget allows it, there is​ an​ all-in-one solution that may be to​ your liking. I recommend you use Invisus, an​ powerful and innovative security management program that gives Norton and Mcafee a​ run for their money.

Invisus -


The combination of​ virus protection overlapped with spyware software using the Mozilla Firefox browser and NoScript extension combined with the use of​ a​ password manager will make your internet surfing as​ trouble free and secure as​ possible.

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