Your Guide To Oysters

Your Guide To Oysters
A dare .​
a​ local curiosity .​
a​ southern specialty .​
These are enticements you heeded in​ your intro to​ Louisiana oysters .​
However, the mystique of​ oysters may actually scare some home cooks away.
The Louisiana Seafood Board brings you a​ handy guide to​ selecting and preparing oysters, so you can serve this delicacy fearlessly.
What Do Oysters Look Like?
Oyster meats are cream to​ light brown with ruffled edges and a​ silky texture .​
Avoid fluffy white oysters as​ they're filled with water .​
Oysters should not be floating, but packed closely-with no more than 10 percent liquid.
Oysters are available in​ pints or​ quarts .​
The containers should be clean .​
Check for government- required information: best-if-used-by date, interstate shellfish permit #, weight, nutrition facts, and country of​ origin .​
How Do Oysters Smell?
Oysters have a​ clean ocean smell .​
Never buy oysters with an​ odor .​
How Much is​ One Serving?
Louisiana oysters are available year-round and vary in​ size from season to​ season .​
Skinny oysters come as​ many as​ 30 to​ the pint .​
Medium or​ fat oysters come 16 to​ 18 per pint .​
Either way, a​ pint is​ approximately three servings .​
What Do Oysters Taste Like?
American oysters, Eastern oysters, Gulf of​ Mexico oysters, or​ Louisiana oysters-they are actually all the same animal .​
In fact, there is​ only one oyster that is​ native to​ the Gulf and Atlantic coasts .​
However, like fine wines, oysters have subtle nuances in​ flavor-depending on where they're cultivated .​
In a​ blind taste test by an​ independent researcher, consumers chose Louisiana oysters over others sold in​ the U.S .​
85 percent of​ the time.
Try this longtime Louisiana oyster favorite.
Traditional Louisiana
Oyster Stew
4 servings
11/2 pints medium Louisiana oysters
1/2 cup shallots, diced
1 pint milk
2 Tbsp .​
Salt & pepper to​ taste
Over a​ high heat, sauté shallots in​ butter .​
Stir in​ milk .​
Bring to​ boiling point, then lower heat .​
Ease in​ oysters .​
Simmer until oyster edges furl (3-5 minutes) .​
Add salt & pepper .​
Serve with crackers.

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