Your Guide To Dish Latino The Amazing Spanish Language Programming

Satellite dishes bring hundreds of​ channels to​ homes across America and around the world. in​ recent years, there has been an​ onslaught of​ dish offerings customized to​ meet individual and family needs. Satellite dishes are now catering to​ specialty purposes such as​ top channel packages, family dish packages, local programming, and movies. But one of​ the most welcomed types of​ programming is​ Dish Network's Dish Latino.

Dish Latino is​ a​ remarkable type of​ satellite programming that brings channels to​ homes in​ Spanish. With the millions of​ Spanish-speaking people living the United States and other countries including Argentina and Mexico, Dish Latino makes it​ easy and affordable to​ receive everyone's favorite channels in​ Spanish.

Dish Latino Packages

Dish Latino comes in​ several packages based on the number of​ channels and services needed. Each is​ priced affordably starting at​ between $19.99 and $27.99 monthly up to​ about $50 monthly. Packages can even be customized to​ fit individual needs with the channels and services desired. Spanish-speaking people can choose a​ DishLatino package that offers channels in​ both Spanish and English. Let's take a​ look at​ each package and the benefits.

Dish Latino (Standard Programming)

Dish Latino's standard offering is​ the Dish Latino Basic. This is​ the base programming that brings the customer more than 30 channels in​ English and Spanish. The package contains a​ variety of​ television programs as​ well as​ movies. Some of​ the channels included are Fox Sports, Galavision, GOL TV, HITN, MTV, History Channel (Espanol), and many others. There are also Dish Latino Plus offerings, which give you all the channels of​ the basic package plus a​ few more such as​ AMC, Boomerang, KBS World, Sci-Fi Channel, and others.

Dish Latino Dos

With Dish Latino Dos, users receive the benefits of​ the basic Dish Latino plus many Spanish and Latin channels. With more than 195 channels from a​ variety of​ categories, there's never a​ dull moment and always plenty to​ choose from any time of​ the day! Some of​ the channels enjoyed with Dish Latino Dos include Animal Planet, A&E, Bravo, Cable News Network, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Dish Shopping, Horseracing TV, and many others.

Dish Latino Max

For those who want it​ all, Dish Latino Max provides more than 220 channels, even the popular De Pelicula, which is​ an​ extensive library of​ movies without commercial breaks. The movie categories include comedy, action adventure, romance, family, and others. They are accessible 24 hours a​ day each day of​ the week. Once a​ user purchases the dish, the Disk Latino Max package usually costs approximately $49.99 a​ month.

Other Features

With either the Dish Latino Dos or​ Dish Latino Max packages, the sports network is​ customized by region depending on where the user lives. Users might also receive local programming based on their geographical location. There are package add-ons such as​ HBO The Works, Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax, and STARZ.

Users benefit from the Dish Latino packages tremendously because many companies offer the DVR Receiver equipment for free with a​ sign up. And with Dish Network services, there are other freebies such as​ multiple room systems, free handling and delivery, affordable protection plans, and more.

With Dish Latino, Spanish-speaking people can enjoy all their favorite shows, movies, and music in​ an​ all-in-one dish package. The choices are many, and the prices are very affordable when compared with many cable and satellite offerings. Plus, all the details and ordering opportunities are readily available online. Check out a​ Dish Network retailer online today to​ secure the Dish Latino package that meets your needs!

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