Your Goals In Web Design Is The Key Looks Or Usability Or Both

Your Goals In Web Design Is The Key Looks Or Usability Or Both

If you are in​ the​ process of​ drawing up plans for​ the​ design and​ development of​ your business website, or​ even for​ a​ personal website, you may be wondering whether or​ not the​ goal in​ regard to​ website design and​ development should be looks or​ usability. in​ many ways, this has been the​ great debate when it​ has come to​ website design and​ development: Looks versus design.

in​ reality, when it​ comes to​ the​ great debate of​ looks and​ usability when it​ comes to​ website design and​ development, both elements are of​ vital importance. if​ you want to​ create, design and​ development the​ most ideal website venue, you will want to​ keep both looks and​ usability in​ mind. Your final goal when it​ comes to​ website design and​ development has got to​ be both the​ looks of​ the​ website and​ the​ usability of​ the​ website.

Through the​ years, many people have tried to​ make the​ argument that you cannot judge a​ book by its cover. in​ so many ways, this is​ the​ babbling of​ a​ person who is​ the​ author of​ a​ book with a​ poorly designed cover. in​ fact, the​ cover of​ a​ book is​ very important - and​ reputable publisher would tell you that this is​ the​ case. the​ same holds true for​ the​ look of​ a​ website. a​ person surfing the​ Net naturally will stop and​ pay closer attention to​ a​ website that looks nice, that is​ attractive and​ designed in​ a​ pleasing manner. Therefore, when it​ comes to​ your own website design and​ development goals and​ plans, you must keep the​ element of​ the​ looks of​ the​ website in​ mind.

Once you've got the​ attention of​ a​ prospective customer or​ client by designing and​ developing a​ nice looking website, you've got to​ keep them at​ the​ site. if​ you create a​ website that is​ difficult to​ utilize - that is​ not user friendly - the​ potential customer or​ client will bounce off somewhere else in​ no time at​ all. You will lose a​ client or​ customer because you website is​ not usable. Therefore, it​ is​ imperative that when it​ comes to​ your website design and​ development that you make very, very certain that the​ final product is​ completely user friendly.

By following the​ suggestions outlined for​ you in​ this article you will be well on your way to​ designing and​ developing a​ website that is​ not only attractive but also user friendly. You will end up creating a​ website for​ your Internet business that ends up generating revenue and​ profits for​ you.

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