Your Favorite Classic Tv Show What Would It Be

Your Favorite Classic Tv Show: What Would It Be?
Classic television will never be completely forgotten or​ out of​ style as​ it​ brought so much to​ television screens in​ living rooms across the​ country .​
Watching reruns of​ classic TV shows will never fall out of​ fashion either .​
Not with those of​ us who grew up watching and​ learning from these classic TV shows .​
And not with the​ new generation of​ classic TV fans that the​ re-airing of​ these classics in​ television are creating now.
Some of​ us can remember that being youngsters in​ the​ 70s we rushed home from school to​ get started on finishing our homework right away so that we could watch such classic TV shows as​ Gilligan’s Island and​ I​ Love Lucy before suppertime .​
Some of​ our primetime classic TV selections included Bewitched, Happy Days, the​ Brady Bunch, Green Acres, and​ the​ Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, and​ the​ Partridge family .​
Some of​ these classic TV shows were still being filmed into the​ 80s and​ were joined by what are now also classic television shows we remember fondly and​ still enjoy watching today .​
Laverne & Shirley, One Day at​ a​ Time, Welcome Back Kotter, Barretta, Starsky & Hutch, Hillstreet Blues, and​ Mork & Mindy .​
When Cagney & Lacey hit the​ classic TV scene in​ the​ 80s, young women were empowered to​ dream of​ going into professions usually reserved for​ males as​ these two women fought crime on the​ mean streets of​ NYC and​ in​ the​ sometimes equally mean environment of​ the​ male dominated workplace .​
Our Saturday mornings were reserved for​ Fat Albert and​ the​ Gang, Scooby Doo, and​ the​ Jetsons .​
Sunday evenings we watched classic television such as​ Hee Haw and​ Disney Family Showcase Theatre .​
The raunchy, pushed to​ the​ limits reality television programs that have replaced old TV shows on most networks today have nothing on those classic TV shows from the​ 70s and​ 80s .​
We learned true family values from the​ Brady’s the​ Walton’s, the​ Ingals Family, and​ the​ Partridges, not to​ mention the​ Cleavers in​ Leave it​ to​ Beaver, and​ Timmy, his Mom and​ super canine hero and​ friend, Lassie .​
These classic TV shows from the​ 70s and​ 80s continue to​ teach the​ family values that would otherwise be lost to​ the​ generation of​ children now growing up in​ broken homes, in​ families headed by only one parent, or​ in​ families in​ which both parents are forced to​ work just to​ make ends meet .​
Those old classic TV shows taught the​ importance of​ moral values and​ the​ strength and​ wisdom found with several generations of​ a​ family living together or​ close by to​ one another .We learned how to​ share with one another and​ how to​ make friends .​
We learned that it​ was important to​ never lie to​ our parents and​ that they would always love us no matter what mistakes we made .​
We learned that there were solutions to​ every problem, no matter how big or​ small they might be .​
We learned to​ believe in​ ourselves and​ to​ dream big .​
We learned about falling in​ love and​ how to​ mend a​ broken heart .​
We learned all of​ this and​ so much more from these classic TV shows that will live on in​ those of​ us who have come to​ love them and​ through the​ television networks still brave enough to​ provide a​ platform for​ quality, family values shows like classic TV shows.
For many of​ us these shows are so ingrained in​ our memories it​ is​ as​ if​ Ritchie, Potsie and​ Mouth were our high school chums and​ we were right there with them throughout all of​ the​ teenage angst and​ mischief they got into .​
At the​ time many of​ us would sit and​ wonder what it​ would be like to​ be a​ Brady or​ Partridge .​
Who among us didn’t wish we owned the​ General Lee and​ could do some off- roading that rivaled that of​ the​ Duke brothers? Mork made us hopeful that it​ there was life on other planets, that they would be as​ hilarious and​ ready to​ make friends as​ he was .​
Oh and​ how many of​ our big brothers shot BB guns into the​ ground when Mom wasn’t looking because they were intent on finding oil and​ becoming millionaires like good ol’ Jed Clampitt did? Okay so not everything we learned from these classic TV shows was something Mom was thrilled to​ find us reenacting .​
But is​ sure was a​ whole lot of​ fun .​
Classic TV encouraged you to​ use your imagination .​
Not at​ all like the​ mindless stuff that permeates television and​ our children our bombarded with today that spark little, if​ any imagination.
No, classic television will never be completely forgotten or​ go out of​ style .​
There are too many of​ us old and​ young who will keep the​ demand for​ these old TV shows alive.
~Ben Anton 2018

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