Your Breckenridge Ski Vacation

Your Breckenridge Ski Vacation

You'll be welcome with open arms in​ Breckenridge,​ Colorado. Breckenridge ski resort offer the​ world's finest powder and terrain anyone can imagine. Half of​ the​ slopes at​ Breckenridge ski and snowboard resort are for beginners,​ while the​ other half are for moderate to​ extreme skiing. Breckenridge is​ the​ only ski area to​ offer this much skiing for all types of​ ability levels.

The town of​ Breckenridge is​ just like you would dream about on​ the​ way to​ your ski vacation. the​ town has a​ Main st. with stores,​ restaurants,​ and variety. You won't be disappointed as​ you stroll down Breckenridge's Main Street; the​ main area is​ about ½-mile long and makes for a​ lovely walk during the​ daytime or​ nighttime.

As far as​ resorts go,​ you can stay in​ a​ classy hotel and pay big bucks,​ or​ you can stay just outside of​ town nestled in​ the​ Rockies. Many condos are located a​ few miles down the​ road on​ RT. 9 otherwise known as​ Main Street.

If you decide to​ book a​ condo out of​ town,​ you'll get a​ better sense of​ what a​ mountain vacation is​ all about. On top of​ this advantage,​ you can also expect to​ pay significantly less than if​ you stay in​ the​ busy town of​ Breckenridge . Be prepared to​ breathe the​ fresh Colorado mountain air. It's truly invigorating!

As the​ seasons change in​ Breckenridge,​ Colorado your outdoor options expand and contract. Once Spring comes,​ the​ skiing gets better and the​ temperature goes up. Yes,​ it​ still snows hard in​ the​ Spring time.

The only difference is​ the​ quality of​ the​ snow. it​ tends to​ be wetter than the​ winter when it​ is​ dry-fluffy snow. Either way,​ it's great and you'll love the​ Spring time snow as​ much as​ the​ Winter snow. After all,​ the​ base of​ Breckenridge in​ April is​ about 60 inches deep.

Summer time in​ Breckenridge is​ truly a​ beautiful time! You can fish the​ streams for Rocky Mountain trout or​ you can mountain bike,​ raft,​ boat (Lake Dillon) or​ just relax in​ the​ heart of​ the​ Rocky Mountains. There will never be a​ boring day during your Breckenridge ski or​ summer vacation.

Fly fishing is​ a​ very enjoyable sport to​ engage in​ during the​ Summer time. it​ seems like every stream or​ lake in​ the​ Rockies,​ houses some of​ the​ largest trout in​ the​ world. Since fishing season is​ only 5-months out of​ the​ year,​ the​ trout seem to​ jump right on​ to​ the​ hook. Just kidding of​ course! It's not that easy to​ catch Trout,​ but if​ you use the​ right flies,​ you just might find the​ statement above to​ be true.

Mountain bike trails are everywhere,​ but be careful!! Be sure to​ have a​ map and enough food & water in​ case you get lost. the​ smartest thing to​ do is​ mark your course with sticks in​ the​ ground if​ you have any doubts about not getting back home or​ to​ your vehicle.

As long as​ you are sure of​ this,​ you're going to​ have a​ great time. Breckenridge offers mountain bike trails that go to​ the​ tops of​ mountains and down to​ the​ valleys. the​ scenery is​ breathtaking and without a​ doubt,​ you're going to​ love mountain biking in​ Breckenridge,​ CO.

As far as​ rafting goes,​ there are many options within 20-miles of​ Breckenridge. the​ water flows highest around mid-July because of​ all the​ snow which has melted from the​ mountains. There are plenty of​ guided trips who will help you navigate through the​ rivers.

Once you experience all the​ Breckeridge has to​ offer,​ you'll surely come back every year to​ enjoy yourself again and again. Also,​ did you know the​ state of​ Colorado has more blue sky days than any other state in​ the​ U.S.? It's true!

Your Breckenridge Ski Vacation

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