Young Writers

If you are between the ages of​ 8 to​ 18 and love to​ write, be it​ short stories, plays or​ poems, then you are a​ young writer. For the writer nothing is​ more satisfying than finishing a​ story, play, poem etc. in​ fact some young writers decide to​ make it​ their career of​ choice. This is​ not always an​ easy path but if​ you have a​ passion for it​ you will ride out the difficult times. Here are some tips to​ help you.

1. Read widely,a good writer is​ one that reads constantly and widely. This helps you to​ get a​ good idea of​ how the language is​ to​ be written and exposes you to​ several different styles of​ writing. Reading is​ an​ excellent way to​ develop good grammar. You shouldn't just stick to​ modern works of​ fiction but you should also read classic authors, study their work and the way they developed their characters. Your aim as​ a​ writer is​ to​ create characters that your readers care about, once they care about the characters readers keep turning the pages.

2. Write everyday, this may be in​ the form of​ journal writing or​ adding to​ a​ story, poem or​ whatever you may be writing. Make it​ a​ routine. You have heard that practice makes perfect, well this is​ true for writing as​ well. You might want to​ have a​ special desk or​ area in​ which to​ write, many writers have a​ favorite spot in​ their house in​ which to​ write, being in​ that space puts them in​ touch with their creative side.

3. Editing is​ important. it​ often surprises me as​ a​ writer, how many times I revisit and review and rewrite a​ piece. You may think it's perfect but a​ few days later when you approach the work with a​ fresh eye you may find there are more flaws than you saw before. So be prepared to​ edit a​ lot. You might also consider showing your work to​ a​ trusted friend, who could proof-read or​ help you edit. Don't let the number of​ edits you have to​ do discourage you or​ let you question your ability. You might write something today that you think is​ brilliant and a​ few days later you hate it​ and just throw it​ out. That is​ part of​ the process.

4. it​ is​ often said that you should write what you know. This certainly makes writing easier and more believable. it​ is​ also true that writers should be researchers so whatever you don't know you can always find out about through extensive research and then it​ will become something you do about. Live vicariously as​ well, remember you can learn a​ lot from others especially those who are older than you. Listen to​ their stories, they may inspire you as​ a​ young person to​ write something great.

5. Share your writing with others by joining groups and entering writing contests. This gets you into the habit of​ putting yourself and your work out there. These experiences are valuable as​ it​ provides feedback that you can use to​ evaluate your writing.

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