Young Drivers Insurance Could Be Boosted Due To Them Not Accepting
Responsibility For High Accident Rates

Young Drivers Insurance Could Be Boosted Due To Them Not Accepting Responsibility For High Accident Rates

Young Drivers Insurance Could Be Boosted Due to​ Them Not Accepting Responsibility For High Accident Rates
Younger drivers have always been a​ victim of​ high premiums when it​ comes to​ taking out young car drivers insurance .​
While this has always been the​ case premiums could rise higher after it​ was announced that very few young drivers take responsibility for high accident rates and fail to​ change their behaviour whilst driving which many consider to​ be dangerous driving.
A recent study revealed that around 44% of​ Britain’s young drivers believed that older people were not safe on​ the​ road and 63% said that harsher measures should be in​ force such as​ taking away their license and a​ ban on​ driving .​
Accident rates are soaring and younger drivers are blaming older drivers and so are failing to​ heed safety measures and change their own ways whilst on​ the​ road.
Around 45% of​ young drivers aged between 17 and 23 questioned believed they were safe drivers and despite the​ fact that they had little experience on​ the​ road classed themselves as​ confident in​ their driving ability .​
Despite their insistence younger drivers have been associated with high accident rates and one very good reason why could be the​ fact that one in​ four young male drivers have openly admitted to​ driving their car after having had a​ drink or​ taken drugs .​
a​ staggering 44% admitted that they have climbed into the​ car the​ morning after a​ heavy drinking session .​
While these findings do suggest that younger drivers are a​ higher risk 4 out of​ 5 believe they are targeted wrongly and unfairly have to​ pay higher premiums for their car insurance .​
However there are some young drivers out there that do abide by the​ law and follow safety rules and regulation to​ the​ tee and these drivers should go with a​ specialist broker when it​ comes to​ looking for the​ cheapest young drivers insurance .​
A specialist broker will be able to​ conduct a​ search based on​ those offering young drivers insurance for cheaper rates with added incentives .​
Along with finding cheaper insurance premiums for the​ younger driver,​ the​ individual can take advantage of​ the​ hints,​ tips and information that a​ specialist will make available for the​ younger driver which can help to​ keep the​ cost of​ the​ premiums down .​
Taking an​ advanced driving course which is​ particularly aimed at​ the​ younger driver can make a​ difference to​ the​ cost of​ the​ insurance as​ can the​ engine size and make and model of​ car that the​ younger driver wishes to​ insure .​
Above all proving that you​ are one of​ the​ safety conscious younger drivers is​ the​ best way of​ reducing the​ cost of​ young driver’s car insurance and of​ course of​ ensuring that you​ remain safe and accident free on​ the​ road .​
as​ with any type of​ insurance policy,​ young drivers insurance being no exception,​ you​ have to​ check the​ small print of​ the​ policy before signing on​ the​ dotted line .​
Exclusions can be found in​ the​ small print and it​ will also tell you​ what is​ and is​ not covered and how much the​ insurance will cost along with the​ excess that comes attached with all insurance policies.

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