You Company Is Growing Fast Its A Time To Think About Possible Information Leakages

You Company is​ Growing Fast? It's a​ Time To Think About Possible Information Leakages
Do you know all possible ways to​ take information out of​ company so that no one would know about this? I'm sure, even there are some certain security rules there are still some possible ways for information leakage .​
Let's think about how can we control this process.
First, it's necessary to​ understand that there no any absolute means about security .​
Even if​ USB port it​ blocked, it's still possible to​ write some data to​ USB, if​ there is​ system that controls outgoing mails, then it's still possible to​ use some trick that intruder might use to​ send out important data out of​ the company.
So how to​ manage information security policies to​ prevent possible data leakages? Let's list all possible ways to​ prevent leakage .​
There are two general categories - active and proactive security .​
These terms are sometime hard to​ understand in​ real word, so let's discuss another approach .​
There are means that will help to​ prevent the fact of​ information leakage, and there are means that will help to​ find out, if​ information was leaked .​
Both methods should be considered when building information security at​ your company.
How to​ prevent information leakage .​
First, it's necessary to​ apply a​ security policy which will guaranty the access to​ the certain data only for trusted persons, in​ this way you will always know who has access to​ the data, so it​ is​ easier to​ find possible intruder and to​ control your employees .​
Second, consider all possible ways for information to​ be stolen, such as​ sent out by email, copies by some employee, stolen by some spyware software, copies to​ the external drive, etc .​
Think about all possible ways and think about risks applied .​
Try to​ minimize the risk for the most important data .​
Let's list some possible security issues and the ways how we can get rid of​ them.
Keyloggers and other spyware software .​
Keylogger is​ a​ program that works in​ background, records all keystrokes and send out information to​ third-party .​
The good idea is​ to​ start with firewall, which will allow access to​ the internet only for a​ certain programs.
Intruder insider your company .​
Statistics shows that there are some in​ most companies .​
The bad news is​ that these people might produce more damage that all other attackers .​
Make sure you know about what employee do, what he or​ she keeps on his hard disk and all you do comply with privacy policy of​ your company.
Hardware that might be dangerous .​
There are software that allows to​ lock USB ports, there are software that allows to​ block access to​ any other writeable media, consider installing these tools on computers and user accounts which doesn't need to​ use this functions during their work.
Finally, the key principle about fighting information leakage is​ to​ be proactive .​
You don't need to​ wait until some information will be stolen, being a​ little paranoid will help to​ save your business .​
It's easy to​ install and integrate into the security policy some audit measures, that will regularly check your company for possible security holes, it's simple, but it's work.

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