You Can Successfully Reach Financial Freedom With A Home Based Business

You Can Successfully Reach Financial Freedom With A Home Based Business

The power of​ entrepreneurship and the rapid growth of​ the direct selling industry have business-savvy investors and large, respected companies sitting up and taking notice. It’s no surprise to​ the 13.6 million Americans and 55 million people worldwide already part of​ the direct selling industry that business is​ booming. Whether you know it​ as​ network marketing, multi-level marketing or​ referral marketing, the industry is​ making a​ powerful impact on the way people do business and how they live their lives.

How is​ it​ possible that this industry is​ thriving when so many are feeling an​ economic pinch? Well, that is​ simply a​ matter of​ perspective. The glass –is-half-full camp believes this is​ a​ time of​ massive economic change. And discerning entrepreneurs who recognize these shifting trends and stake their claim in​ these new and emerging industries will be the ones to​ gain enormously. as​ Fortune magazine recently stated.” Forget the paycheck; your W-2 days are over. It’s a​ 1099 world now”.

Today’s direct selling distributors also called representatives, associates, or​ independent business owners tell customers, typically people they know, about products and services that can improve the quality of​ their lives during the course of​ everyday, normal conversations. These person-to-person conversations might take place at​ home, at​ work, or​ at​ a​ coffee shop. And you don’t have to​ be an​ experienced salesperson to​ make money if​ what you’re selling is​ a​ product you use and believe in.

The ease of​ entry makes direct selling a​ practical, accessible method for millions to​ earn additional part-time income without having to​ quit their job. The typical direct selling company provides all the tools systems and training needed to​ be up and profitable immediately for a​ nominal entry fee.

The beauty of​ direct selling is​ that it’s all done for you. You don’t have to​ create a​ business plan. You don’t have to​ create a​ product. The only thing you need to​ do is​ find a​ reputable company, one that you trust, that offers a​ product or​ service you believe in​ and can get passionate about. Anyone can do this!

as​ the ultimate equal opportunity solution, direct selling represents the purest form of​ equality through free enterprise. in​ fact, that’s one of​ the most striking features of​ the industry: it​ involves men and women from all walks of​ life: all ages: all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

in​ fact, the top earners in​ direct selling also represent a​ diverse group of​ successful case histories. According to​ the direct selling association, the industry’s trade group, 24 percent of​ direct sellers have high school diploma or​ less education; 35 percent are college graduates; and one in​ 12 has a​ postgraduate degree.

in​ my opinion the best way we can secure our own future is​ to​ take charge of​ it​ early on. We can do this by creating multiple streams of​ income. There is​ one thing that can provide you financial freedom and that is​ residual income.

Residual income is​ money that keeps coming in​ long after you complete the work that created it. This can include the monthly income from a​ rental house, dividends from stock investments and even oil, gas, book or​ song royalties. Regardless of​ the source, residual income is​ the name of​ the game, and the genius of​ the direct selling model is​ that it​ makes residual income a​ very real possibility for absolutely anyone, regardless of​ age, background, education or​ skills. Not everyone is​ going to​ own a​ valuable piece of​ real estate or​ write a​ best-selling book. But anyone can run their own direct selling business.

Best selling author Stephen Covey says” Direct selling helps affirm people’s worth and potential, and can open up a​ whole new alternative income stream that can make a​ huge difference in​ their life. it​ is​ entrepreneurial opportunity where people can use their talent and their passion towards a​ greater good.

Direct selling’s status as​ the business world’s best-kept secret may soon be in​ jeopardy. But that’s what happens when business is​ booming.

By Donna Touchette © 2018. All rights reserved.

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