You Can Submit Your Pictures To A Magazine Publishing

You Can Submit Your Pictures to​ a​ Magazine Publishing
Most magazine Publishing companies have their own photographers .​
But since these individuals cannot always be there to​ take that perfect shot, it​ gets the​ services of​ freelance photographers .​
Can you submit your own pictures? the​ answer is​ yes as​ long as​ you follow certain guidelines .​
First, you cannot submit photographs that have already been printed .​
This is​ because before it​ is​ sent to​ the​ printers, their digital team will clean up the​ picture .​
The best thing to​ do will be to​ send your images in​ a​ CD-Rom .​
Pictures that are submitted must be in​ the​ correct pixel size and​ resolution .​
This will enable the​ magazine publication to​ see your images regardless of​ the​ operating system they use .​
You have to​ remember that although a​ lot of​ people use Microsoft Windows, some companies have shifted to​ Linux while others use Apple’s Mac .​
If the​ pictures you took are for​ example 72dpi and​ what they want should be in​ 300dpi, invest in​ software that can do the​ job .​
Images can be saved in​ different formats .​
The three most common are jpg, gif and​ png .​
The one that is​ compatible regardless of​ the​ operating system used is​ the​ JPG format .​
Whenever you submit images, make sure to​ include your name, address and​ synopsis of​ the​ contents of​ the​ CD .​
a​ simple way of​ doing this is​ with Photoshop .​
You simply go to​ file, automate and​ then lastly go to​ contact sheet .​
Once there, find the​ folders where your images are, pick the​ paper size and​ the​ number of​ images on each sheet of​ paper .​
Keep in​ mind that someone will be reviewing your work so don’t make these very small because this is​ a​ huge turnoff .​
Also, stick a​ DO NOT LABEL sign on the​ envelope as​ the​ CD you will be sending could get damaged during transit .​
If you want to​ get the​ CD back after submitting it​ to​ the​ magazine publication, make sure to​ enclose the​ return postage otherwise, this will already become their property .​
Should there be a​ date and​ time on each photograph, turn it​ off because those who will be viewing it​ do not have the​ time to​ do that .​
For any other concerns you may have regarding the​ guidelines in​ submitting photographs, shoot them an​ email or​ give them a​ call .​
Aside from following the​ guidelines, there are a​ few things you should never do when submitting images .​
You must never email huge unsolicited images .​
If the​ magazine publication is​ asking for​ images concerning a​ certain topic, only send those that are relevant .​

If you think it​ will be smarter to​ send the​ memory card from your camera, don’t because you have to​ submit this to​ them in​ the​ format that they require .​
In most cases, in​ a​ CD-Rom .​
To ensure the​ quality of​ the​ images sent, don’t use a​ cheap CD .​
There is​ a​ limit to​ how many images can be stored in​ a​ CD-Rom .​
In order to​ maximize it, only send the​ best ones to​ the​ magazine publication .​
When these are being sent, do not use 3rd party software as​ this may not be compatible with what they are using .​
Submitting your own pictures to​ a​ magazine Publishing could be your stepping stone in​ landing a​ full time job working for​ them .​
So if​ you have something to​ share, try it​ out and​ see what happens next .​
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