You Can Really Get Paid For Just Surfing The Web

You Can Really Get Paid For Just Surfing The Web

Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?

Advertisers, search providers, and​ online retailers are paying billions to​ reach you while you surf. How much of​ that money are you getting?

Today’s hottest Internet businesses are all about the​ power of​ social networks. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, and​ YouTube have become worth billions because businesses have realized that these social networks are generating huge advertising and​ marketing opportunities. as​ these social networks grow, the​ economic potential for​ its owners – and​ the​ advertisers who target the​ site’s users – is​ remarkable.

AGLOCO set out to​ create the​ Internet’s first Economic Network, harnessing the​ power of​ Internet-based social networks to​ directly benefit the​ Members who help to​ create the​ community.

AGLOCO makes money for​ its Members in​ many ways:

Search: Every time you use the​ Viewbar™ to​ do an​ Internet search, AGLOCO earns money from the​ search engine providers. (For example, Google pays as​ much as​ $0.10 on average for​ each search that is​ directed to​ its search engine.)

Advertising: the​ Viewbar™ itself displays ads that are targeted based upon the​ websites you’re visiting. When you click on an​ ad and​ make a​ purchase, AGLOCO receives a​ referral fee, which we pass on to​ our Members. (Please note: Individual members do not receive any compensation for​ clicking on ads in​ the​ Viewbar™, and​ the​ Viewbar™ can detect if​ someone is​ clicking ads in​ a​ fraudulent manner.)

Transaction commissions: Many major retailers pay commissions when you refer customers who make a​ purchase. AGLOCO collects that commission and​ passes it​ on to​ our members. (For example, Amazon pays an​ 8.5% commission to​ most websites who refer customers, and​ has cut deals for​ even larger percentages. the​ bigger the​ AGLOCO community, the​ better commission we can negotiate for​ our Members.)

Software distribution: Numerous software companies pay websites to​ encourage the​ download of​ new software releases (for example, Adobe’s Flash and​ Acrobat Reader software), and​ trial versions of​ new programs. AGLOCO members not only get access to​ the​ latest and​ coolest software, they get paid for​ it.

Service distribution: Many online service providers will look to​ the​ AGLOCO community as​ a​ source of​ new and​ active users for​ their services. (For example, eBay, Skype, and​ PayPal, among others, all pay fees to​ people who help them recruit new active users to​ their services)

Product distribution: When Members agree to​ use a​ product, such as​ cell phones, high-tech gadgets, office supplies, new credit cards or​ financial services, AGLOCO can collect referral fees. Some companies even offer special rebate and​ cash-back programs.

AGLOCO Members make money in​ four ways.

• Members earn a​ monthly share of​ the​ AGLOCO revenue based on the​ use of​ the​ AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month.

• Members earn part of​ the​ company based on the​ use of​ the​ AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month (currently a​ maximum of​ five hours are rewarded).

• Members who use the​ referral system to​ help build the​ AGLOCO network will earn more. (AGLOCO only has significant value as​ a​ large network and​ people who help build it​ should be rewarded.

• Members will also get a​ share of​ any commissions AGLOCO gets when a​ Member purchases a​ product or​ service from an​ AGLOCO Sponsor company.

Why Should You Join AGLOCO?

Joining AGLOCO is​ absolutely free and​ registration takes less than a​ minute.

By joining you can help to​ grow the​ AGLOCO community by building your referrals TODAY.

Be sure to​ be the​ first to​ invite your friends to​ join AGLOCO before someone else beats you to​ them

Refer your friends and​ family by contacting them through email. (But remember we have a​ strict anti-spam policy.)

Use your website, blog and​ your existing social networks, such as​ MySpace and​ Facebook, to​ contact your friends and​ encourage them to​ join a​ new community that will actually let them earn money.

Be a​ part of​ the​ Internet’s first Member-Owned Economic Community.

Join AGLOCO - Own the​ Internet!

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