You Are Not Practical In Your Approach Spirituality Information

You Are Not Practical In Your Approach Spirituality Information

You can call it​ funny,stupid ,strange,intelligent,mysterious, or​ powerful . Human beings have trained their minds to​ acquire one or​ many of​ these six special characteristics. 90% of​ the human beings at​ some stage of​ their life have experienced the first four qualities of​ human mind. The last two traits of​ mysterious and powerful has always eluded the ordinary people.

I discovered something very interesting yesterday in​ of​ my conversations with my clients and i want to​ share that with you....

"You Are Not Practical in​ Your Approach Vish!" said my beloved client to​ me. I love my clients you see, otherwise how can you help them. My client wanted to​ me to​ find out if​ i can help her get two extra hours every day . She loved painting and she wanted to​ devote two hours everyday towards her passion.

No Big Deal !

" How many hours do you sleep" I asked . This is​ the first thing i ask everyone.

"Eight" she replied.

"Great ! From tomorrow try getting up an​ hour earlier .Human beings only need six hours of​ sleep to​ stay healthy..." I said

"You Are Not Practical in​ Your Approach Vish !" she told me.

I couldn't help laughing. Human mind is​ so funny ! We use words so casually in​ our day to​ day life. The word practical is​ defined in​ English dictionary to​ mean realistic and this word is​ rarely used by great men and women. No dreams are realistic or​ practical and hence great souls avoid them. There is​ however one more hidden reason why great beings avoid this word. Human mind has the tendency to​ mix comfort with realistic. Our definition of​ practical is​ based completely on our comfort level. We are not ready to​ break free from our comfort zone and over the years we have acquired a​ number of​ so called comfort zones based on our lifestyle and habits which we are have taken for granted.

"Let's do an​ experiment..." i said to​ my beloved client . "For the next two weeks if​ you get up two hours earlier, I will reveal to​ you some breakthrough secrets of​ higher life which i have never shared with anyone..."

Her face beamed.She loved all my breakthrough secrets... And so a​ little bit hesitantly she said "Yes".

Now this female was very disciplined... I told her i will give her a​ wake up call at​ 5.00 am every day. She had no choice but to​ listen... Now watch what happened during the next two weeks...

Day 1: I call her at​ 5.00 am . The phone rings seven times before she picks up " Good morning !" I say... a​ few minutes later she is​ again snoring. I know this is​ going to​ happen so i ring her back again.. " Wash your face you have already won the first round" She is​ still half sleepy but she gets up this time...

Day 2: I call her at​ 5.00 am again. She picks up the call at​ the fifth ring.. She gets up because she knows i will call her again...The first half hour she is​ feeling very sleepy...

Day 3 Same results as​ Day 2

Day 4 Same results as​ Day 2

Day 5 Same results as​ Day 2

Day 6 She picks up the call at​ the third ring. She is​ feeling very fresh all of​ a​ sudden...

Day 7 She picks up the call at​ the second ring. She is​ very cheerful..

Day 8 Her body and mind had got used to​ getting up at​ 5.00 am. She had already got up before my call came.

Day 9 She had switched off her mobile phone. She was completely focussed on her painting.

Day 10 I visit her at​ her house at​ 7.00 am and she hands me a​ beautiful painting of​ a​ morning sunrise. She is​ ecstatic.... and so was I

If you notice carefully the change happened from Day 6...

The first five days she was focusing more on getting up earlier and so she was finding it​ very difficult... She was also spending the first forty five minutes doing various other activities which were routine and not creative. On the night of​ Day 5 i called her up and told her to​ visualise a​ beautiful picture before she went to​ bed that night. I told her that she had to​ start painting this picture from Day 6 and complete it​ by Day 9. I also advised her that for the first two hours after she got up she would only paint and do nothing else....

Now what I did here was to​ help her focus more on her passion for painting rather than getting up earlier. One of​ the main reasons why people find excuses is​ because there is​ no strong driving force which propels them to​ take big time action. . The turnaround happens when you put something before you which makes you feel so excited that you forget everything else..... this is​ the trick.

What seemed impractical on day 1 now seemed to​ be a​ routine from Day 11 onwards. She never used the word practical again for the rest of​ her life. She knew it​ did not fit into the personality of​ higher souls....

You Are Not Practical In Your Approach Spirituality Information

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