Yes You Can How To Write A Report Or E Course

In my article about offering bonuses, I suggested writing your own report as​ one possible bonus. You could also write a​ report or​ ecourse as​ a​ stand-alone product. You may find the very thought of​ writing these intimidating, so I'll help you get started.

I'm assuming you are working with a​ website or​ product in​ a​ well-defined niche area, one in​ which you are at​ least somewhat knowledgeable. I'll also assume you have been writing web copy, articles and/or sales letters. You've already generated lots of​ information.

Whatever you are planning to​ write always starts with what you know, and the easiest way to​ get started with that blank page is​ to​ make a​ list. So make a​ list of​ what you already know about your topic. Do this quickly; it​ should be easy because you can just write down the titles of​ articles you've already written.

I'll talk about writing a​ report, but the only difference between that and an​ e-course is​ that an​ e-course is​ a​ step-by-step process. if​ your information lends itself to​ that format, then use it​ instead of​ the report, which simply provides information; a​ course leads you through action steps.

I'll use my favorite golden retriever example. You've decided to​ write a​ report about finding the right puppy. You've already written articles about puppy mills, SPCA and other animal shelters, pet shops and breeders. What haven't you written about - maybe it's classified ads from unknown owners, golden retriever rescue leagues, and buying purebred vs. a​ mixed breed. You also haven't written about any diseases or​ other physical disorders common to​ the breed, which will come into consideration when deciding what puppy to​ get. There's your list, open to​ being edited, of​ course.

That's what you know. The next step is​ to​ research and fill in​ some details. You'll also be looking out for things you've forgotten about and important things you don't know, which should be included.

You've gotten about 5 pages in​ writing already done (your articles), you should write a​ 10-page report at​ least. You may want to​ add a​ few pictures, charts or​ diagrams, so it​ may end up being a​ 15-page report, including cover, table of​ contents, and resource page.

It's good practice to​ add something to​ your articles that you've already written, so start your research there. You may find a​ picture of​ a​ puppy mill and an​ article by someone else that you can add a​ reference to, giving it's author full credit. You can add links to​ the SPCA and rescue leagues, and call up a​ friend who works in​ a​ reputable pet shop to​ ask him a​ few questions. Quotes from experts also make valuable additions, as​ do new research findings or​ news articles.

You then tackle each of​ the additional subjects one at​ a​ time. Inevitably, reading about each topic jogs things in​ your memory that you already know. Write that down quick. it​ helps when you're doing the final editing and writing to​ have as​ much as​ possible already in​ your own words.

Alright, you've got the subject matter of​ your report done, but it's all for naught if​ you haven't got some structural elements in​ place as​ well. Use plenty of​ white space, this gives the reader's eye a​ rest. Choose an​ attractive font that is​ also easy to​ read. Then focus on what I call the interest-catchers. You can have the most interesting report on the planet, but if​ your title and cover isn't provocative, creative, intriguing, or​ otherwise captivating, no one will download and read it.

Also, your chapter headings, which will be read in​ the table of​ contents, must be engaging. And finally, assuming that somewhere in​ the report you are promoting yourself, your webpage, your newsletter, your ebook, some action that you want your reader to​ take...promote with pizzazz. Ask yourself, why would someone feel they HAVE to​ click on your link? Make it​ so.

With planning, research, and creativity, your report can establish you as​ a​ writer, expert, and trusted information source, so execute it​ carefully and spread it​ around. Whether you give it​ away on it's own, use it​ as​ a​ bonus, or​ sell it, you will be amazed at​ how it​ enhances your online presence and ultimately, profits.

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