Yacht Charter 6 Top Tips For A Safe And Pleasurable Vacation

Yacht Charter 6 Top Tips For A Safe And Pleasurable Vacation

So you have decided you want to​ go on​ the​ perfect vacation you have always dreamt of​ – chartering a​ yacht. Before you go ahead and consult a​ specialist,​ you should read carefully the​ following tips,​ and then right them down on​ a​ piece of​ paper along with the​ things you really want to​ experience during your charter and what you want to​ do.

The tips

Tip. 1
You should see chartering a​ yacht just as​ a​ classroom,​ and in​ order to​ understand what the​ teacher is​ talking about,​ you must be correctly informed. in​ this case the​ charter agent is​ the​ teacher.

WMT – this means Western Mediterranean Terms. it​ includes chartering equipment and the​ yacht,​ insurance for the​ yacht and the​ crew,​ wages and food for the​ crew. All other commodities such as​ consumable stores,​ harbor charges,​ food and beverages,​ pilotage fee and any charge made on-land such as​ electricity or​ water,​ communications and laundry,​ will be supported by the​ charterer.

SEMT – it​ means Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms. the​ fee includes: the​ obvious chartering of​ the​ entire yacht and equipment,​ crew wages and food,​ insurances for the​ yacht,​ fuel for a​ set course or​ a​ specified numbers of​ hours/day,​ electricity or​ water taken form shore and harbor taxes. Other cost will be charged to​ the​ charterer as​ follows: consumable stores,​ beverages and food,​ harbor expenses besides the​ preset ones,​ communications,​ laundry and fuel for tenders such as​ ski-boats.

SCT – it​ means Standard Caribbean Terms. every expense listed in​ the​ WMT and SMET paragraphs are included in​ the​ fee,​ as​ well as​ every piece of​ food served on​ the​ yacht. Also,​ there are extra charges you should be aware of,​ such as​ the​ wines and anything found in​ the​ bar,​ special activities equipment such as​ scuba-diving equipment and marina berthing.

GT – it​ means Greek Terms. They include chartering of​ the​ yacht and equipment,​ crew food and wages,​ third party claims insurance for the​ yacht,​ harbor taxes while in​ Greece,​ and ship’s laundry. Food,​ beverages communications and fuel will be charged as​ well.

Now,​ that you know the​ terms and specifications,​ when you will go and see your chartering operator,​ you will know what is​ he talking about,​ but,​ to​ be even further informed you should know the​ following.

Tip. 2
Before you decide what kind of​ yacht to​ hire,​ ask yourself what do you expect from the​ holiday. First,​ and foremost,​ if​ you want to​ hire a​ yacht,​ you should be a​ man who like sumptuous surroundings. Then,​ do you want to​ host parties for your friends while you are docked at​ some of​ the​ most fashionable marinas? or​ maybe you just want to​ relax in​ a​ private cove while reading your favorite book. Maybe,​ you want to​ learn exciting water sports? These are the​ type of​ questions to​ ask yourself,​ before anyone else.

Tip. 3
Depending on​ the​ type of​ person you are (and only you know this),​ you should decide on​ what will you be chartering – a​ motor yacht or​ a​ sailboat. While sailboats are slower and perfect for the​ romantic type,​ and for the​ one who is​ really in​ love with the​ sea,​ the​ motor boats give you the​ luxury and incredible yacht lifestyle.

Tip. 4
Friends. Think ahead of​ the​ number of​ friends you will be having with you,​ and to​ the​ size of​ the​ parties you will throw in​ order to​ anticipate the​ size and configuration of​ what you will be chartering.

Tip. 5
Calculate the​ time you want to​ spend on​ your yacht,​ because this will be critical when you will want to​ go to​ the​ many places the​ sea has to​ offer,​ no matter where you are.

Tip. 6
Make reservations early before going,​ since during the​ holidays the​ yacht are booked up to​ a​ year in​ advance,​ and in​ some cases even more.

These tips come to​ aid you in​ your perfect holiday quest. They are not meant to​ replace the​ information given by an​ agent,​ but to​ complete it. I hope you have fun.

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