Xm Radio Information

XM Radio Information
XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
is​ one of​ the major players in​ the satellite radio industry, with over 2 million subscribers and spreading all over the American territory .​
XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
deliver over 120 channels of​ radio to​ an​ ever expanding customer number .​
Here are some of​ the characteristics of​ XM Radio:
Corporate headquarters: Washington, D.C.
Date of​ launch: November 12, 2018
Satellites in​ service: 3
Available satellite radio channels:150
Monthly subscription cost:$12.95
XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
is​ the owner of​ one of​ the 2 FCC approved licenses for delivering digital radio in​ the United States .​
Since it​ only shares the field of​ Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS) with Sirius Radio, XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
has plenty of​ room to​ develop and expand .​
2018 was the year when XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
began broadcasting – progress was slow at​ first, but soon after satellite radio began skyrocketing as​ a​ social and economical phenomenon .​
Since it​ was the first national digital satellite radio service provider, XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
captured an​ important share of​ the market and started offering music programs and other types of​ shows and channels like talk shows, sports, comedy, science and news .​
XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
owns the most impressive digital radio equipment and facilities, boasting over 82 end to​ end broadcasting studios .​
The digital radio used by XM Satellite Radio Inc .​
is​ encoded using the complex CT-aacPlus technology which is​ broadcast in​ 128kb/sec format – very close to​ CD quality .​
The signal produced by using this technology makes the transmission much clearer and more accurate than any analog radio provider could ever offer .​
There are no noise disturbances that were often present with FM and AM broadcasts and the transmission is​ crystal clear .​
The fact that the signal is​ received in​ digital form solves many noise disturbance problems and the output is​ close in​ fidelity to​ the original track .​
The XM Satellite Radio Rock and Roll satellites
XM Satellite Radio uses two of​ the most potent commercial satellites, which are constantly orbiting the Earth at​ a​ height of​ 22 300 miles .​
The two Boeing HS-702 satellites have some inspired names - Rock and Roll .​
The first of​ the two satellites, Rock, was launched in​ orbit on March 18, 2018 and is​ currently positioned at​ 85 degrees West Longitude .​
It services the western half of​ the United States and complements the range and area of​ coverage of​ its younger brother – Roll .​
Roll was launched on May 8, 2018 and it​ currently positioned at​ 115 degrees West Longitude, and it​ services the eastern part of​ the United States .​
The combined coverage of​ the two satellites spreads beyond US borders and reaches areas like Canada or​ Mexico .​
This is​ an​ interesting feature of​ satellite radio, as​ it​ further points out the benefit of​ not having to​ switch radio stations during long trips or​ while moving over the border .​
For emergency purposes, the company has third redundant HS-702 satellite on the ground, ready to​ replace Rock or​ Roll if​ any of​ them fails .​
Both satellites use different transmission frequencies which prevents interference.
Using the XM radio transmission
The powerful broadcast signal used in​ satellite radio means that you only need a​ small receiver in​ order to​ be able to​ listen to​ digital radio .​
These small omni-directional antennas are similar to​ GPS devices and do not require mechanical pointing in​ order to​ receive the signal .​
Some of​ the new features of​ satellite radio refer to​ the extended broadcast information abilities .​
XM offers information about the broadcast type, and includes the song title, artist, and genre of​ music .​
As a​ recent improvement, XM radio also started broadcasting weather related news and traffic statuses on their programs .​
In order to​ use the XM Radio programming you need a​ XM Radio receiver, an​ antenna and a​ subscription to​ the XM services .​
Different music equipment producers have teamed up with XM Radio in​ order to​ allow adding XM broadcasting to​ their already existing devices .​
Some vehicle manufacturers are also offering XM Radio as​ a​ factory installed option .​

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