Wyoming Real Estate Wide Open Spaces

Wyoming Real Estate Wide Open Spaces

Wyoming Real Estate - Wide Open Spaces
If you're tired of​ living in​ close quarters, Wyoming may be the​ answer for​ you .​
Wyoming real estate is​ also appreciating at​ a​ nice pace .​
Wyoming is​ the​ least populated state in​ the​ United States, but also one of​ the​ most beautiful if​ getting back to​ nature is​ your thing .​
While the​ cattle industry dominates the​ state, you also find bears, moose and​ a​ variety of​ large beasts roaming freely in​ the​ state .​
This is​ particularly true in​ the​ two major national parks located in​ Wyoming, Yellowstone and​ Grand Teton .​
Jackson Hole
Located in​ the​ foothills of​ Grand Teton lies the​ valley of​ Jackson Hole and​ the​ town of​ Jackson .​
The town has a​ suedo Wild West feel to​ it, but is​ heavily populated with the​ nuevo rich .​
Historic facades front trendy boutiques, but the​ area somehow manages to​ maintain a​ local feel .​
If you're an​ avid skier, Jackson just may be the​ place for​ you .​
The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is​ not for​ the​ faint of​ heart .​
There aren't really any bunny slopes at​ this place .​
Instead, you have to​ have a​ passion for​ more or​ less throwing yourself off a​ cliff with no parachute!
At first, Laramie appears to​ be a​ typical cowboy town, but first appearances are deceiving .​
Home to​ the​ University of​ Wyoming, Laramie has a​ definite college feel with the​ stereotypical college lifestyle .​
The town is​ located in​ a​ prairie setting .​
Wyoming Real Estate
Wyoming real estate prices vary wildly depending on the​ specific location .​
Homes in​ Jackson Hole are going to​ be pricey with average prices in​ the​ $600,000 range .​
In contrast, the​ average home price in​ Laramie is​ roughly $150,000 .​
For the​ last 12 months, Wyoming real estate has appreciated at​ a​ rate of​ a​ little over 11 percent.
If elbow room is​ critical to​ your lifestyle, Wyoming definitely offers plenty of​ it.

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