Writers Block

Writers Block

Writer’s Block – this is​ probably the biggest enemy of​ all the writers in​ the world. Writer’s block is​ simply a​ condition wherein you can’t put any of​ your thoughts into words. It’s a​ horrible condition. it​ comes at​ the worst possible times like when you have to​ submit before the due date. They can happen any time. They can happen before you even start, or​ smack in​ the middle of​ your work, or​ worse, in​ the ending. Also, it’s so hard to​ get over a​ writer’s block. Some writer’s blocks last for only a​ few minutes but the worst ones last for days, even months. There have even been cases of​ writer’s blocks lasting for decades.

Causes of​ Writer’s Block
Writer’s block is​ primarily caused by lack of​ inspiration. of​ course, if​ you’re not inspired, it’s so hard to​ write anything. For example, you’re supposed to​ write about how ‘good’ the government is. But you know quite well that the government isn’t good. So, you’re not inspired to​ write about it. it​ may also be caused by lack of​ creativity. Let’s just face it. Some people have the talent, and some people simply don’t.

Sometimes, we experience writer’s block because we simply don’t know what to​ write or​ how to​ write it. Some people can put their thoughts into words better than other people. Some people have to​ struggle with their thoughts before they can put it​ into words, and these people are usually the ones who suffer writer’s block. Depression can also be a​ cause. if​ you’re depressed, you usually have no motivation to​ do anything. it​ is​ also extremely hard to​ concentrate on what you’re writing if​ you’re depressed.

Overcoming Writer’s Block
Overcoming writer’s block can be hard. But it​ is​ not impossible. There are actually a​ lot of​ things which you can try so that you can overcome writer’s block.

Nature is​ the creative soul’s haven. This is​ why most writers love living near lakes, forests, or​ beaches. Nature is​ a​ great source of​ inspiration for writers. it​ can also invigorate the spirit. So, when you’re having writer’s block, you can try taking a​ walk or​ a​ swim.

You can also try to​ write whatever comes into your mind in​ a​ piece of​ paper. Don’t worry about form, creativity, grammar, or​ even spelling. Just let your hand and your mind loose. Just write whatever enters your brain. It’s a​ great way to​ let your thoughts out.

A story is​ one of​ the hardest things to​ write. Writers often forget what they are supposed to​ write next. Sometimes, they can veer away from the plot and completely ruin the story. So, it​ would be helpful if​ you write an​ outline of​ the plot first so that you won’t get sidetracked.

If nothing works, and your writer’s block is​ still there, don’t fret. Maybe you’re worrying too much and you just need to​ relax. Don’t force yourself to​ write. This will only worsen your writer’s block. Take a​ break. Maybe your brain just needs to​ rest.

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