Write Your Way To More Traffic

Write Your Way To More Traffic

Search Engine Spiders love new content. Therefore they visit press release sites, article submission services and blogs frequently. Placing a​ link to​ a​ website will in​ the signature block of​ press releases blogs and articles will get the link crawled by search engine spiders quicker then submitting them manually. Thus, drastically increasing search engine rankings, thereby generating more traffic to​ websites.

While, again, no one can guarantee the placement of​ press releases, articles or​ blogs, nor can they guarantee whether they will be published or​ used for an​ article, however there are things that can be done to​ improve the odds.

Lets Start With Writing Press Releases

The biggest obstacle to​ most press releases is​ the release itself. First, press release is​ a​ news story, you need to​ create something newsworthy to​ announce. Secondly, it​ is​ not the same as​ writing an​ advertisement. Many press release services will not publish your release if​ it​ has been written like an​ advertisement. Ultimately, your purpose is​ to​ advertise your business, but you do it​ on a​ more sophisticated way. Thirdly, the best releases are short and to​ the point, keep it​ at​ around 400 words or​ less.

Answer the questions:

When writing a​ press release, the following questions should always be answered:

Who is​ the preferred audience of​ your press release?

What’s it​ about – provide invaluable information or​ an​ offer or​ announcement

When did it​ happen?

Where is​ it​ happening.. Location, what company …

Why – support or​ justification for press release.- what are the benefits

SO WHAT (i.e. what are the benefits)

Your answers should be:

Concise - editors receive hundreds of​ press releases a​ week (perhaps more) and appreciate releases that are brief and to​ the point.

Well-written - a​ good way to​ ensure your press release ends up in​ the waste basket is: bad spelling, poor grammar, and illogical or​ unsubstantiated claims.

Factual - stick to​ logical and substantiated claims, avoiding statements of​ belief: we're the best, the cheapest, etc.

Honest - avoid the padded quotes by company officers; even if​ they are experts, they come across as​ biased. if​ used, stick to​ the facts.

Timely - if​ your press release isn't topical, consider incorporating it​ with a​ recent news event -- but don't stretch it.

Does the press release's lead (opening) address or​ answer the basic tenets of​ journalism:

Press Release Structure:

Title - very important. Put main news in​ the title. You can also use a​ sub-title, but do not make the title too long. Some services, not all, limit the title to​ 100 or​ 200 characters.

Introduction - tell the news and try answering the WHY and SO WHAT in​ he beginning.

Content - explain the news a​ little more in​ detail answering all the questions above. Write the text in​ third person, like a​ newspaper article. if​ you like, use quotes, and make sure the person quoted knows and approves your quote.

Boilerplate – short description of​ the company releasing the news (= you). Keep it​ to​ the point and short. You can modify it​ from time to​ time if​ needed.

If in​ your press release you mention some other companies or​ products, make sure to​ use their trademark symbols correctly. E.g. XX is​ a​ service mark of​ Company, Inc. YY is​ a​ trademark in​ the USA and in​ other countries.

Example of​ press release structure:

Title: Get Cash Back By Shopping Online.

Subtitle:Discount Shopping at​ Walmart, Macy’s, etc…

Introduction: http://MyAyopahStore.com, is​ an​ online-shopping mall that allows consumers to​ save and make money online by shopping in​ their own free mall..(The ‘so what’ bolded)

Boilerplate, http://MyAyopahStore.com. is​ an​ Online Shopping Mall. Our mission is​ to​ help everyday consumers save money on the products and services they use everyday and allowing them to​ receive cash back from their own online purchases and by helping other people do the same simply by giving them their own Free mall to​ shop. to​ learn more about Ayopah Visit us Today.

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