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Search Engine Spiders love new content. Therefore they visit press release sites, article submission services and blogs frequently. Placing a​ link to​ a​ website will in​ the signature block of​ press releases blogs and articles will get the link crawled by search engine spiders quicker then submitting them manually. Thus, drastically increasing search engine rankings, thereby generating more traffic to​ websites.

While, again, no one can guarantee the placement of​ press releases, articles or​ blogs, nor can they guarantee whether they will be published or​ used for an​ article, however there are things that can be done to​ improve the odds.

Lets Start With Writing Press Releases

The biggest obstacle to​ most press releases is​ the release itself. First, press release is​ a​ news story, you need to​ create something newsworthy to​ announce. Secondly, it​ is​ not the same as​ writing an​ advertisement. Many press release services will not publish your release if​ it​ has been written like an​ advertisement. Ultimately, your purpose is​ to​ advertise your business, but you do it​ on a​ more sophisticated way. Thirdly, the best releases are short and to​ the point, keep it​ at​ around 400 words or​ less.

Answer the questions:

When writing a​ press release, the following questions should always be answered:

Who is​ the preferred audience of​ your press release?

What’s it​ about – provide invaluable information or​ an​ offer or​ announcement

When did it​ happen?

Where is​ it​ happening.. Location, what company …

Why – support or​ justification for press release.- what are the benefits

SO WHAT (i.e. what are the benefits)

Your answers should be:

Concise - editors receive hundreds of​ press releases a​ week (perhaps more) and appreciate releases that are brief and to​ the point.

Well-written - a​ good way to​ ensure your press release ends up in​ the waste basket is: bad spelling, poor grammar, and illogical or​ unsubstantiated claims.

Factual - stick to​ logical and substantiated claims, avoiding statements of​ belief: we're the best, the cheapest, etc.

Honest - avoid the padded quotes by company officers; even if​ they are experts, they come across as​ biased. if​ used, stick to​ the facts.

Timely - if​ your press release isn't topical, consider incorporating it​ with a​ recent news event -- but don't stretch it.

Does the press release's lead (opening) address or​ answer the basic tenets of​ journalism:

Press Release Structure:

Title - very important. Put main news in​ the title. You can also use a​ sub-title, but do not make the title too long. Some services, not all, limit the title to​ 100 or​ 200 characters.

Introduction - tell the news and try answering the WHY and SO WHAT in​ he beginning.

Content - explain the news a​ little more in​ detail answering all the questions above. Write the text in​ third person, like a​ newspaper article. if​ you like, use quotes, and make sure the person quoted knows and approves your quote.

Boilerplate – short description of​ the company releasing the news (= you). Keep it​ to​ the point and short. You can modify it​ from time to​ time if​ needed.

If in​ your press release you mention some other companies or​ products, make sure to​ use their trademark symbols correctly. E.g. XX is​ a​ service mark of​ Company, Inc. YY is​ a​ trademark in​ the USA and in​ other countries.

Example of​ press release structure:

Title: Get Cash Back By Shopping Online.

Subtitle:Discount Shopping at​ Walmart, Macy’s, etc…

Introduction: http://MyAyopahStore.com, is​ an​ online-shopping mall that allows consumers to​ save and make money online by shopping in​ their own free mall..(The ‘so what’ bolded)

Boilerplate, http://MyAyopahStore.com. is​ an​ Online Shopping Mall. Our mission is​ to​ help everyday consumers save money on the products and services they use everyday and allowing them to​ receive cash back from their own online purchases and by helping other people do the same simply by giving them their own Free mall to​ shop. to​ learn more about Ayopah Visit us Today.

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