Write Short Stories 03

Do you like to​ write? This hobby soon became my passion in​ college .​
I​ actually started to​ enjoy some of​ the pieces I​ was able to​ write on film .​
This is​ the key with writing and everything else in​ life .​
Finding the aspect that suits your interests .​
If you can do that, you will have discovered something special .​
Soon enough I​ was taking screenwriting courses and understanding more about the differences between how to​ construct a​ screenplay, develop a​ novel, and write short stories .​
All can be different and unique in​ the world of​ writing .​
Contrary to​ what you may have thought, writing fiction is​ certainly not the same as​ crafting a​ script for the big screen .​
What is​ your personal forte?
I write short stories sometimes for mere enjoyment .​
I​ can read them to​ my daughter and she absolutely loves them .​
I​ personally prefer to​ write short stories in​ the horror and/suspense genre .​
This always keeps my little girl on the edge of​ her seat .​
She can never wait for me to​ finish the story .​
Do you ever write short stories? I​ think this is​ a​ wonderful place to​ begin a​ writing hobby or​ career .​
Now, on the other hand, I​ definitely prefer to​ craft screenplays .​
This is​ a​ much more involved process if​ you ask me .​
When you write and develop your script, you have to​ write in​ a​ different fashion .​
For example, if​ you like to​ write short stories, then you are basically a​ fiction writer, or​ I​ am assuming anyway .​
I​ guess you could be constructing stories based on true events; however, I​ doubt it .​
Now, when you craft a​ script, you are only writing what spectators will see on the big screen .​
You never want to​ get inside a​ character's head .​
This is​ a​ major no-no .​
If they can't see or​ hear it​ on the screen, then you should not be writing it .​
This is​ why fiction writing is​ completely different .​
Stephen King can say whatever he wants, whether it's a​ thought or​ memory .​
It really doesn't matter with fiction because you're the one reading it .​
Chances are you won't have a​ copy of​ the script handy when viewing a​ film .​
So, are you interested in​ fiction, screenwriting, or​ maybe wish to​ write short stories yet? This is​ wonderful if​ your answer is​ yes .​
There are a​ number of​ great books available now days that can seriously aid you in​ this process .​
Get online and you will discover exactly what I​ mean .​
Whether your desire is​ to​ write short stories or​ an​ entire novel, you can get the job done right .​

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