Write Queen Writes

Write Queen Writes

You just wouldn't believe the trouble I had getting this column 'on the air'. The proess wouldn't have been so tedious if​ I weren't so technically illiterate, but I am, make no mistake.Finally I found a​ webmaster who was willing to​ build a​ website for me without me taking out a​ bank loan.

I moved to​ Alabama the 4th of​ February after 23 years living in​ Florida to​ share living space with my adoptive family and their 6 dogs and my cat Jewely. I didn't have any difficulty adjusting, especially after having lived alone for 6 years, but Jewely was a​ different story. She was not used to​ dogs much less people, and spent a​ lot of​ time under my bed clothes.

As I write this, though, she is​ well adjusted, sleeps either in​ a​ condo that "Aunt" Linda bought her, or​ on a​ sheepskin bed under the TV or​ in​ bed with me.

We live in​ a​ rural area on the top of​ what people who live in​ flat country would call a​ mountain. Every morning I go out on the enclosed porch of​ my specially built handicap accessible apartment to​ say good morning to​ the world. God has been so good to​ me.

I will be asking my website visitors to​ sign up for my newsletter, and after they verify their signature I will send them an​ ebook that I have read and enjoyed.

You'll never know what I'm going to​ write about because most of​ the time I don't either, but I promise you that I will make it​ interesting. I would appreciate if​ you would forward this to​ your family, friends, and co-workers if​ you like my site and encourage them to​ sign up too.

If you don't like the site you can always tell me at​ gloryb2u@ fredadouglas.com. This website will be a​ continuing work for me and I will always value and welcome your comments and criticism.

That's it​ for now. Remember, God loves you and so do I.

Write Queen Writes

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