Write Queen Writes From Her Little Piece Of Heaven

Write Queen Writes From Her Little Piece Of Heaven

Freda Brooks Phillips Douglas had an​ autobiographical-history book “Cherish the Past” published in​ 2018, has her second book of​ fiction “Winds of​ Change” ready for the printer and has her third book on the front burner. She also wrote a​ weekly personal essay column for 17 years.. Freda lives alone with her cat Jewely and loves to​ hear from her readers.

Well, I am in​ my fourth month as​ a​ resident of​ Alabama, settled here like I was born here. Maybe that is​ because the terrain hereabouts reminds me of​ my native Pennsylvania. in​ reality it​ is​ because my adoptive family surrounds me with such love as​ I haven’t felt since my husband John died in​ 2018. I know there have been a​ few people who cared for me in​ the last six going on seven years, such as​ James who spoiled me something fierce and couldn’t ever seem to​ do enough for me, like Gary, my medical careperson who never tried to​ pull the wool over my eyes and who was always honest with me or​ Bess, who always sent me postcards no matter where Jim and she went and usually arrived home before I ever received the cards. And there was always Jewely, but she is​ a​ story unto herself.

But there is​ no greater feeling than having love showered on you despite your faults, your age and your eccentricities.

The countryside around where we live is​ absolutely beautiful. I have watched out my window in​ the morning to​ see the trees bare, gradually coming to​ life, and now they are practically in​ full grandeur. We had a​ late frost a​ few weeks ago, and that stunted, but didn’t kill, their beauty.

Linda has two bird feeders outside my window. One is​ for the bigger birds and one is​ for hummingbirds, The hummingbirds are no larger than a​ large bumble bee, but do they ever eat.
Last week the feeder went empty so quickly Linda thought she might not have screwed the bottom of​ the feeder on tight enough. She checked it​ and finally decided the little birds had big appetites.

Twice we have gone sightseeing after church. Jason drives a​ truck and has found many spots to​ show us. Jason is​ just like a​ homing pigeon. Once he’s been a​ place he can always find it​ again. He makes a​ great tour guide.

Properties are well maintained in​ our neck of​ the woods, and most have lush green, manicured yards. Surprising to​ me, most of​ the homes are single level, some one and a​ half stories, but very few taller than that. of​ curse those with money very often have what I call mansions which are breath-taking, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in​ such opulence.

Do I miss my Florida friends? of​ course. You don’t live in​ a​ place for more than 20 years without a​ tug in​ your heart for those you left behind. Do I regret resettling to​ Alabama? No, I don’t. Am I happy here? You are happy where you are loved, and I am loved.

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