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I am a​ sentimental human being. I cry at​ funerals. Normal. But I even cry at​ weddings, and I had two wonderful marriages. I guess you could say I loved them to​ death since both of​ them preceded me in​ death.

I was reading an​ email from Simple Truths on the computer that lead me to​ their website about a​ boy with Downs Syndrome who made a​ lot of​ customers in​ a​ store happy with his acts of​ kindness. Yes, I cried when I read the story and I’m crying as​ I write this. I told you I am sentimental.

The story was told by Barbara Glanz, and as​ I perused the rest of​ the website (http://www.simpletruths.com ) I noticed Barbara had a​ book available “The Simple Truths of​ Appreciation” and right then I had an​ inspiration or​ as​ some people would call it​ an​ ah-ha
moment. I picked up the phone and ordered the book for my best friend in​ appreciation
of all the little things she does for me every day.

The book came today, and of​ course I had to​ read it​ first before I give it​ to​ her, Reading it​ made
me think. How many times do we think to​ say to​ the bag boy who carried our groceries out to​ the car “Thanks. You were a​ big help.” if​ it​ was hot out today, did you think to​ offer your mail carrier a​ glass of​ cool water to​ drink? if​ you played golf today, did you think to​ give your caddie a​ pat on the back AND a​ smile for a​ job well done. it​ wasn’t his fault you boogied that hole on the ninth.

How long has it​ been since you invited an​ elderly neighbor to​ church with you? The next time you bake cookies why not share them with a​ shut-in? Do you have a​ neighbor in​ a​ convalescent home? How long since you visited and caught them up with neighborhood news?

Those of​ us who are well or​ well cared for tend to​ forget the forgotten, the unfortunate, the lonely, the poor (not necessarily in​ money), the sick and the sick at​ heart. a​ smile, a​ handshake and a
few pleasant words might make the difference between daylight and darkness for those forgottens in​ our life.

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