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As I told you in​ a​ previous newsletter Jason is​ a​ wonderful tour guide. Let me tell you about the last “tour”.

Normally we take our sightseeing after church on Sunday. This time, however, Jason and Jennifer had business in​ Guntersville that had to​ be taken care of​ on a​ weekday. Saturday morning we piled into the car, and headed for Guntersville, which is​ one of​ the originally settled areas in​ Alabama and is​ surrounded by lakes.

The business didn’t take long and we headed up the steep hill out of​ town to​ have lunch at​ a​ place called O’Charley’s. if​ you’re ever in​ Guntersville you absolutely must try O’Charley’s potato soup. it​ is​ to​ die for.

After eating we started our “tour” which was to​ include Guntersville State Park. Pennsylvania is​ my native state, and hills and trees remind me of​ home. Even though I lived in​ Florida for 23 years if​ you wanted to​ see hills and woods you had to​ travel north, way north.

We probably traveled 30 minutes before we came to​ our destination, but what a​ destination it​ was. We stayed at​ the lower levels where there were scads of​ people. We stopped often so Jennifer and Linda could take pictures which I hope to​ put a​ selection on my computer so if​ I can learn from Jennifer how to​ send them, and if​ I can learn, watch a​ future article to​ contain them.

After a​ complete tour through the parks, going only five or​ ten miles an​ hour because of​ the large amount of​ children, we headed up the mountain where we saw some beautiful homes with eye-popping views and those for sale had mind-boggling prices – for example $1,500,000 and another one for $672,000.

We admired them, kept on going, passing an​ under-construction lodge which will house a​ 5 star restaurant. All of​ a​ sudden we were to​ a​ look-out point where we stopped for more picture taking.

We went still higher where there were rental abodes. I can’t call them cottages and I most definitely would not call them camps. They would, in​ my mind, be classified as​ lodges. Guess what? They had two which were handicapped accessible. We decided that would be an​ excellent place to​ go for a​ weekend retreat, rent a​ lodge and eat at​ the 5 star restaurant. We are all going to​ start saving our money to​ do that, and we have a​ Florida family friend we’re going to​ invite.
Sounds like fun, wouldn’t you agree?

We spent a​ little more time in​ the state park, and headed home, where my cat and their dogs were glad to​ see their human family again.

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