Write Queen Says I Need Your Help

Write Queen Says I Need Your Help

I have been writing articles and blogs lately, not knowing whether you, the reader, are pleased with what you read, or​ even if​ I’m even writing about what you would like to​ read about.

Therein lies my problem and why I need your help. My reason for writing is​ not to​ please me, but to​ satisfy your need for good reading. I’m happy no matter what I write because I like to​ write. to​ know my readers are happy with my writing is​ worth money in​ the bank to​ me. (It better be since I don’t get paid for doing it)

I am going to​ first tell you where you can read my writing. I post them on http://www.justarticles.com, http://www.exinearticles.com, and http://www.articlecity.com and http://www.articlesgoaround.com and I recently started a​ blog and it​ is​ located at​ http://www.fredabd.hwyblogs.com., then press on my account on the left.

I’d like to​ know who you are and what you do so that I can better serve you.

What are your hobbies? What kind of​ work do you do? Do you like what you do? if​ the right opportunity came along, would you change what you do? Husbands, does your wife work outside the home? Would you like to​ bring her home without getting in​ a​ financial bind?

Are you married? Do you have a​ family still at​ home? is​ your family grown and out on their own? Do you have grandchildren?

What are your fears and concerns about work, money, the government, politics, and/or the market place?

In other words, I want to​ know what you think. What and who you are. I also need your picture, with or​ without your spouse, new or​ not so new – who will know?

One thing I will not get involved in​ and won’t acknowledge is​ anything to​ do with religion (I hope you have that but if​ you don’t you have a​ problem that I can’t or​ won’t solve for you), or​ hateful attitudes (I can take criticism better than most) but keep your hateful attitudes to​ yourself.

You can write to​ me at​ gloryb2u@fredadouglas.com. Rest assured I don’t outsource any of​ my work, and if​ you want an​ individual answer I will try to​ do that, but this request is​ to​ get material
for futurearticles. Dear Abby I’m not.

Write Queen Says I Need Your Help

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