Write Queen Gets On Her Soap Box

Write Queen Gets On Her Soap Box

_Freda Douglas is​ an​ accomplished author. Not only did she write a​ personal essay for a​ newspaper 17 years, she had her first book released in​ 2018 “Cherish the Past” which is​ still available on http://Amazon.com. Freda says her second book “Winds of​ Change” will be released this Fall. Freda lives in​ Alabama with her cat Jewely and loves to​ hear from her readers and visitors.

I spend a​ lot of​ time on the computer. Although I am an​ illiterate techie I am very literate on the keyboard. There are some things that grossly irritate me about cyberspace that really annoy me.

First of​ all, let’s take the websites which tell you ‘all you have to​ do is​ sign up, we’ll do all the work and you’ll get rich’ if​ you believe that I’ve got a​ gold mine in​ Alaska I’ll sell you cheap.

You would like to​ believe all people are as​ honest as​ you are, but it​ is​ difficult sometimes. I made a​ purchase on April 24, 2018 that cost me $127 which I paid for with a​ debit card. I no more had bought it​ when I realized that with my computer illiteracy I wouldn’t be able to​ use it. I immediately called the man who sold it​ and explained the situation. He assured me I would have the refund by the end of​ the week. I am writing this July 8 and I still don’t have the refund,

Take the people who try to​ sell you something that is​ grossly over priced, not because it​ is​ worth it, but because he/she has a​ name that everybody knows and they think that people will buy because of​ who they are.

Who is​ even worse, in​ my estimation, is​ the person who jumps on the bandwagon and offers the buyer a​ ‘HUGE’ bonus if​ you’ll buy the same over priced article from him instead. Who’s he trying to​ kid? That bonus has to​ be downloaded (by you), you will probably never use it, it​ costs you paper, ink, wear on your printer and might have cost the benevolent soul that ‘gave’ it​ to​ you
a whole dollar to​ create.

I am a​ push over for books. I hate to​ think of​ the money I spent on them. Several months ago I was offered an​ ebook by somebody who I never heard of​ but the title was something that interested me so ordered it​ for $97. I read the whole book and not one word was ever written about the subject I was interested in​ and needless to​ say he wouldn’t give me a​ refund and also needless to​ say I have not read any of​ his emails since. Once burned…

I am not disillusioned by my experiences, but I have been on the Internet to​ see the seamy side of​ it. Most of​ my readers are common people like I am and I beg of​ you – do be careful when you are on the Internet.

Write Queen Gets On Her Soap Box

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