Write At Least 1000 Words Every Day For A Week

Write At Least 1000 Words Every Day For A Week

Now why would anyone want to​ do that: write 1000 words every day for a​ week?

Well you wouldn't if​ you are an​ established writer; you are already pumping out much more than that on an​ average day.

But you might want to​ give it​ a​ try if​ you are just starting out or​ if​ you have been writing for a​ while and are still struggling to​ break through.

Not just any old 1000 words though because that would be pointless; 1000 words tagged to​ the premise that presupposes you have identified a​ topic, you have researched the topic; you know your topic inside out - be it​ in​ the realms of​ fiction or​ non-fiction.

When you stick at​ it​ and knock out 1000 words every day for seven days you will discover in​ Week 2 that 2000 words a​ day is​ feasible, then 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000; whatever.

And as​ the weeks roll by not only will your output improve but so too will the quality of​ your writing.

But here is​ the real cruncher...

In tandem with your ever-increasing output will be a​ commensurate decrease in​ information overload, freeing your subconscious to​ work on new ideas, new concepts, new projects - and soon the fruits of​ its creativity will come flying at​ you in​ all directions.

So here in​ essence is​ what you get when you make up your mind to​ write 1000 words every day for a​ week:

1. Your output will automatically increase in​ the weeks to​ follow;

2. The quality of​ your writing will improve dramatically;

3. Information overload will decrease and make way for a​ fusion of​ new creativity.

This is​ the formula I used at​ the outset of​ my own writing career and currently I churn out around 10,000 words every day of​ which only 1000 might be directly related to​ a​ specific book project; the majority of​ my productivity being dispersed between articles, press releases, web copy and the like.

But it’s all grist to​ the mill; the mill, the catalyst, the engine room that creates the harvest; your overall creative output.
JIM GREEN is​ a​ bestselling author in​ the realms of​ fiction and niche non-fiction with 24 titles to​ his credit among the latest of​ which are Your Retirement Masterplan (How to​ Books ISBN 1857039874) and Earn Money in​ Retirement (How to​ Books ISBN 1845281128).

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