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Wound Treatment
You never know what will happen, and​ if​ you have young children, you are bound to​ be faced with wound treatment at​ one time or​ another .​
If something happens that is​ really bad, you of​ course want to​ take your child in​ to​ see someone at​ the​ hospital to​ take care of​ any wounds, but there are times when you must do first aid before you can get to​ the​ ER or​ before medical help can arrive .​
If you know first aid, you know what to​ do when something happens.
You should have a​ first aid guide and​ supplies with you at​ all times .​
You don’t have to​ carry it​ in​ your purse, but you should have both in​ your home and​ in​ your vehicle so that it​ is​ never too far from you .​
If you are planning a​ trip, it​ is​ always a​ good idea to​ have wound treatment supplies packed in​ your luggage in​ the​ event of​ an​ emergency .​
Though you may find that airplanes and​ cruise ships have their own wound treatment supplies, you may still want to​ have your own with you anyway.
One of​ the​ most important parts of​ wound treatment is​ keeping it​ clean .​
If you don’t do your best to​ keep it​ clean, the​ wound can become infected and​ lead to​ all sorts of​ problems .​
That is​ why you should cover most cuts the​ best you can until someone else can look at​ it​ for​ you .​
Another very important aspect of​ wound treatment is​ to​ stop any bleeding that may be happening .​
In the​ case of​ a​ gushing wound, you have to​ stop the​ bleeding as​ soon as​ you can .​
You may have to​ use pressure to​ stop it, or​ perhaps even apply a​ tourniquet .​
However, use caution with a​ tourniquet, as​ you may cause even more damage .​
You should make sure you find a​ good source of​ information about wound treatment and​ first aid so that you know what to​ do and​ how to​ do it .​
It isn’t always easy to​ think clearly when something goes wrong, and​ if​ you have already gone over the​ information for​ wound treatment, it​ will already be in​ your head .​
First aid books are good in​ an​ emergency, but nothing beats knowing what to​ do the​ instant something happens .​
If you are unsure, even after having studied, always call 911 when you need help .​
They may not be able to​ get to​ you as​ soon as​ you would like, but they can probably connect you with someone who can tell you want to​ do to​ lessen the​ damage before help arrives.

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