Would You Like A Nature Escapade During Your Mauritius Vacation

Would You Like A Nature Escapade During Your Mauritius Vacation

Would You Like a​ Nature Escapade During Your Mauritius Vacation?
When you are planning your special trip,​ you might like to​ consider a​ nature escapade excursion as​ one of​ the​ highlights of​ your Mauritius vacation .​
If you love nature and many forms of​ wildlife,​ the​ Casela Nature and Leisure Park will give you an​ extra-special experience that you cannot find anywhere else .​

The nature escapade excursion has something for everyone! It will also give you the​ opportunity for some of​ the​ best nature and wildlife photography that you can possibly imagine .​
This is​ definitely a​ vacation feature which everyone in​ your family will love.
The youngest members of​ your family will delight in​ the​ petting farm,​ where they can get up close to​ the​ animals and even learn how to​ bottle-feed them .​
the​ farm's friendly staff enjoys teaching youngsters about the​ animals,​ so the​ children can have a​ wonderful learning experience in​ the​ midst of​ their fun .​
This is​ a​ sure way of​ creating many happy memories for the​ children to​ carry with them for the​ rest of​ their lives .​

Every member of​ your family is​ sure to​ love the​ stroll with the​ lions .​
This is​ one opportunity to​ see that even wild animals can be safe for interacting when treated with care .​
You may even make a​ new friend or​ two,​ amongst these large,​ beautiful cats!
Nordic walking is​ a​ fascinating skill which you can easily learn at​ the​ Casela Nature and Leisure Park .​
It is​ one of​ the​ most beneficial forms of​ exercise that you can do,​ as​ well as​ being a​ lot of​ fun.
The best part of​ the​ Casela Nature and Leisure Park is​ its animals .​
You will see tigers,​ zebras,​ tortoises,​ emu,​ impala,​ Egyptian geese,​ and many others that are not readily seen in​ other places .​

Outdoor activities abound at​ the​ Casela Nature and Leisure Park .​
You can go quad-biking,​ try your skill with wooden ladders,​ or​ test your courage with ziplining .​
You might also like to​ try tilapias fishing,​ which is​ very popular on​ the​ island .​
There will not be a​ minute wasted when you see how much there is​ to​ do .​
After all,​ part of​ enjoying the​ great outdoors is​ to​ thrill your senses with outdoor activities!
Your nature escapade excursion would not be complete without a​ visit to​ the​ Casela Nature and Leisure Park's lovely restaurant and hunting lodge .​
Here you will be able to​ sample a​ meal of​ Mauritius's traditional foods in​ a​ most appealing setting,​ all prepared to​ perfection! the​ restaurant is​ equally ideal for an​ important business luncheon as​ it​ is​ for a​ family's casual meal together .​
It is​ unlikely that you will leave the​ park after your excursion without having picked up at​ least one brand-new favorite food.
If you love nature in​ general,​ and especially all of​ the​ wonderful kinds of​ wildlife that can be found in​ a​ natural setting,​ taking a​ nature escapade excursion to​ Yemen's Casela Nature and Leisure Park will be one of​ the​ most fun-filled highlights of​ your Mauritius vacation!

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