World Wide Biking Vacations

World Wide Biking Vacations

People are looking to​ exotic locations for their next biking tour. Exploring the​ world from the​ seat of​ a​ bike is​ one of​ the​ last great adventures. From Scotland to​ Australia,​ Alaska to​ Africa,​ there are many great places to​ experience heaven on​ earth – if​ you are prepared.

You must consider several things before buying a​ plane ticket and globe trotting with your bike.


While the​ grades you’ll experience on​ the​ journey seem like a​ minor thing. However,​ the​ grade of​ the​ hills can be the​ difference between a​ fun excursion or​ a​ back breaking chore.

A tour guide in​ Scotland will have a​ drastically different idea of​ a​ ‘good’ bike trail than someone from a​ suburban area. a​ Scottish bike trail may consist of​ nothing more than a​ ledge on​ the​ edge of​ a​ mountain that is​ relatively clear of​ debris.

A bike trail in​ Australia may go 22 miles between water holes. Africa may have hours of​ trail exposed to​ the​ sun with no shaded rest areas.

This makes it​ important to​ hit the​ bike touring websites and take a​ look at​ the​ ratings of​ each trail. This website is​ an​ excellent place to​ find a​ good place to​ go touring:

Have you taken workshops on​ handling hills? Have you practiced? an​ accident on​ a​ hill can have repercussions that last for months,​ even years. Never assume that the​ brochure is​ accurate. Always,​ prepare for the​ worst.


Elevation is​ a​ common concern. Higher elevations have thinner air. Thin air effects endurance,​ muscles,​ heart rate,​ and oxygen absorption. Touring the​ mountains is​ no place for a​ weekend warrior or​ a​ desk jockey.

If you have your heart set on​ touring the​ mountains,​ get some physical training from climbers and people who have experience on​ mountains and high altitudes.

Escape Routes

When you visit websites that promote bike holidays,​ you’ll find tour routes that include escape routes. Face it,​ no one wants to​ ruin their holiday because they chose a​ trail that was too strenuous or​ dangerous for their tastes.

When planning your own trip,​ you loose some of​ the​ advantages of​ a​ professional review of​ the​ trip. While it​ may be fun to​ blaze trails,​ experienced cross-country bike enthusiasts should only try planning their own tours.


Ten miles between lodging may sound comfortable to​ most people planning a​ biking tour. However,​ experienced cross country tour fans are not taken in​ by things that appear easy. That ten miles may edge stone fences,​ cross rivers,​ past foul smelling breweries,​ hog farms,​ or​ swamps,​ and over impossible ridges.

Visiting blogs and reading magazines will help you avoid problems when you embark on​ your own adventure.

The distance between lodging will become very important if​ the​ weather turns foul. There is​ nothing worse than being caught in​ a​ freak storm or​ a​ heat wave.


Some of​ the​ out of​ the​ way locations lack shops that can fix high-end bikes. Something as​ simple as​ a​ broken lug can ruin an​ entire trip. it​ is​ better to​ take along some spare parts,​ even if​ you toss them in​ the​ garbage before the​ home trip.

Following these simple guidelines can make the​ difference between an​ exciting adventure that captivates audiences every time you tell it,​ or​ a​ nightmare that you just want to​ forget.

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