World Of Warcraft Horde Guide Get The Secrets

World of​ Warcraft Horde Guide - Get The Secrets
I started playing World of​ Warcraft about 10 months ago as​ I​ was intrigued by the amount of​ media coverage this game has .​
You have probably heard the story about a​ guy who played the game day and night without any sleep and then finally collapsed! Any game that has this level of​ addictiveness is​ worth checking out and I​ am glad I​ did as​ the game is​ awesome!
The only thing about World of​ Warcraft that really gets me is​ how difficult the game is, although I​ suppose this is​ where the fun lies as​ well .​
It is​ no easy task to​ race from level 0 to​ 70 and does require a​ lot of​ dedication and hours played.
If you have been playing World of​ Warcraft for anything more than 5 minutes you will already know that it​ is​ one tough game .​
This article will give you some tips and tricks that will help you race through the levels as​ a​ Horde player.
The first thing you should bear in​ mind is​ not to​ worry to​ much about equipment especially in​ the lower levels as​ I​ have got many horde and alliance players to​ level 70 and the equipment like weapons, armour etc. .​
Really did not help as​ much as​ you think it​ might.
This game is​ a​ far cry from the text based RPG games that I​ used to​ play as​ a​ kid and has millions of​ subscribers around the world .​
The main thing to​ remember with a​ game like WOW is​ they are made so you never complete everything as​ they want you to​ keep on paying the fee to​ stay a​ member every month.
So if​ you want to​ get to​ level 70 as​ fast as​ possible then I​ would suggest looking around for a​ good World of​ Warcraft Horde Guide or​ an​ alliance one if​ you are playing as​ an​ alliance character .​
There are a​ few out there but the one that really sticks out is​ called Joana's Horde Leveling Guide and the reason being is​ that this guide was created by a​ speed runner for World of​ Warcraft, meaning that when a​ new server is​ created this guy is​ normally one of​ the first to​ level 70.
The main thing to​ do in​ the early levels is​ just quest like mad .​
You should have no problem completing the early quests that get you from 0 to​ 10 as​ they are done within the training zone, but you should not stop there I​ would say carry on questing solidly until you are at​ least level 30 and then start doing some other stuff like instances and so on.
Another thing you should remember to​ do is​ get loads of​ quests at​ once .​
You should not just accept one quest and run off to​ complete it​ but instead make sure that you pick up all the quests you can as​ you can hold up to​ 25 in​ your log and you will also find that a​ lot of​ them are completed in​ the same area so you will end up handing in​ all of​ them together and getting loads of​ XP for them!
Although you can use resources like Thotbot to​ find out all the details of​ a​ quest it​ can mean that you have to​ swap between the game and the web constantly to​ get details on what you need to​ be doing.

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