World Of Warcraft Guide A Simple Guide For Newbies

World Of Warcraft Guide A Simple Guide For Newbies

World of​ Warcraft Guide - a​ Simple Guide For Newbies
World of​ Warcraft is​ a​ Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play game, or​ MMORPG .​
It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and boasts over a​ million players in​ total .​
People around the globe, from just about every country imaginable, have become addicted to​ the game
In World of​ Warcraft, a​ user creates a​ character and explores the vast world of​ Azeroth .​
Players can choose between two sides to​ be on: the Horde or​ the Alliance .​
The Horde is​ comprised of​ more evil characters, such as​ the undead or​ trolls .​
The Alliance is​ considered the good guys, and resembles classic knight mottos and values .​
Through these two teams, users can choose several races and classes to​ join that expand the possibilities of​ unique characters.
Races are bound to​ the two teams .​
For instance, you can only play as​ a​ Human if​ you join Alliance .​
If you wish to​ join the Undead, then you must play as​ the Horde .​
Races will have different bonuses for joining them or​ in​ some cases, negative effects .​
Some Horde races such as​ the Tauren or​ Orcs will suffer a​ reputation deficit in​ the beginning which is​ essentially how non-playable characters deal with you .​
For the most part, the races are balanced to​ a​ fair extent on both sides, although the Horde depend more on strength overall rather than intelligence or​ mobility.
Classes determine what your character will do throughout the game .​
You might want to​ be a​ warrior, priest, or​ rogue up to​ 9 possibilities in​ total .​
From morphing into beasts, to​ wielding long range weapons, the class will ultimately determine how you play World of​ Warcraft .​
Some classes are very specific such as​ the Priest who relies on healing powers to​ advance in​ the game .​
Then there is​ the Shaman who has a​ myriad of​ magical spells, all while being able to​ do a​ fair amount of​ melee damage.
World of​ Warcraft presents the user with many options in​ character creation and that is​ only the start .​
From here on out, the player is​ immersed in​ a​ incredibly large world with literally thousands of​ things to​ do .​
The interactions, guilds, fights, duels, exploration, and overall intense game play make World of​ Warcraft extremely addicting and it​ shows .​
With over one million players worldwide, the game is​ the most popular of​ its kind .​
To get started, a​ credit card or​ pre-paid game card is​ needed .​
Despite the monthly fee that is​ imposed, players gladly shell out money in​ exchange for the great opportunity to​ play such a​ famous MMORPG.

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