World Of Warcraft Gold 4 Steps You Must Do For For Safe Buying

World Of Warcraft Gold 4 Steps You Must Do For For Safe Buying

World of​ Warcraft Gold - 4 Steps You Must Do For For Safe Buying
If you don't want to​ put the effort into making gold yourself, then buying gold outright is​ the best way to​ get it .​
You can get what you want in​ 48 hours or​ less, and prices are very cheap if​ you know where to​ look.
Like with everything, however, there are a​ number of​ scams around, and there are many gold sellers who'll take your money and never deliver the gold .​
So let's go through what you need to​ look for when it​ comes to​ buying gold.
#1: Only buy from large suppliers
This one is​ a​ must .​
Larger suppliers will have gold for both horde and alliance characters in​ every major server, so you can get your gold within 24-48 hours at​ the most .​
If you go with a​ lesser known supplier, then you'll often have to​ wait a​ week or​ more for them to​ farm your gold for you.
Smaller sellers may offer lower prices, but it​ simply isn't worth it​ if​ you have to​ wait a​ week or​ more .​
Therefore, go for large suppliers with tons of​ gold available.
#2: Find out what their customer service is​ like
If you are unsure whether you trust the seller, send out an​ email to​ them first .​
If they don't give you a​ response for a​ few days then it​ may not be worth dealing with them .​
If they have live support and reply back quickly, then it​ is​ a​ good indication that they are a​ reputable company.
#3: See if​ you can get discounts
Most people don't know about this, but many sellers will be happy to​ give you a​ discount if​ you buy lots of​ gold in​ bulk .​
You can contact customer support and tell them how much you want to​ buy, and see if​ they'll give you a​ discount based on how much gold you are buying .​
This is​ especially useful if​ you're buying gold for friends and other players.
#4: Check their order cancellation policy
Major sellers who are worth dealing with (see points 1 and 2) will often give a​ money-back guarantee if​ they cannot deliver the gold to​ you in​ time .​
Before buying from a​ seller, see if​ they offer a​ guarantee like this .​
That way you have nothing to​ lose and you don't risk wasting your money if​ the seller doesn't have the gold in​ stock.

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