Working In Retirement

Working In Retirement

Working in​ Retirement
Most experts on the subject believe that the Social Security system will be bankrupt in​ about 15 years. However, some new studies have offered a​ ray of​ hope. They seem to​ indicate that the assumption that the boomer generation will retire at​ 65 or​ 67 and sit back to​ collect their social security checks is​ incorrect.
They believe a​ sufficient percentage some estimates are as​ high as​ 80% will continue to​ work in​ some capacity or​ another, relieving much of​ the pressure on the system.
This is​ probably the only ray of​ hope for many who have visited financial planners or​ bought personal finance software to​ see how much they need for retirement. These usually show you need a​ million or​ more dollars to​ retire with your current lifestyle. But again, they don’t take continuing earnings into account.
Many in​ the baby boomer generation plan to​ retire at​ around 65, but then start a​ second career, doing something they enjoy. Most don’t want to​ continue on in​ their present jobs or​ move to​ low paying work at​ fast food restaurants or​ supermarkets.
Rather they would rather make their accumulated knowledge work and, if​ possible, also give something back to​ society at​ the same time.
Health experts say this trend will be beneficial in​ that by staying involved, those past retirement age will stay healthier and will be happier with their life.
So it​ seems that several trends are converging. Those in​ their 60’s, 70’s and early eighties are healthier than ever. Because of​ their increased longevity and the shortfall in​ their retirement savings, they need to​ continue to​ earn. And many companies who once looked on older workers with distain, now seem to​ realize the value they can contribute to​ the company and to​ society in​ general.
There is​ speculation that colleges and universities may allow retirees to​ earn fast track degrees, taking into account their prior education and work experience. Also some states are already loosening license requirements for teachers to​ allow those with degrees in​ fields other than education to​ become teachers with little if​ any further training.
Another way to​ continue to​ earn in​ retirement is​ by making wise investment choices now.
Buy rental properties, learn how to​ manage money effectively or​ start your own business now in​ your part time so that you have something up and running by the time you retire.
The internet has opened up new ways to​ earn, be it​ drop shipping, affiliate marketing or​ selling goods on Bay.
If you always wanted to​ be an author or​ if​ you can write software programs, it​ is​ simple to​ self publish and sell electronic goods through services such as​ Clickbank.
Or you could just do something you’ve always wanted, like baking breading or​ making shoes. if​ you’re good at​ whatever you choose, you should have little trouble finding a​ clientele.
But if​ you are depressed because you have to​ continue to​ work after 65, don’t. You’ll have a​ lot of​ company and you’ll will also be healthier and happier for it.
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